Digiturf.com Celebrates A Decade Of Virtual Success

Digiturf.com Celebrates A Decade Of Virtual Success

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell


Digiturf.com is celebrating their tenth anniversary as the pioneer of online horse racing with 400 tribute races and over $20,000 sponsorships between the 1-10 May 2011. Digiturf.com is also giving away $2,000 in Bonus Prizes in celebration of their 10th Anniversary.

Online horse racing became a global phenomenon when Digiturf.com simulated the world’s first race horse in 2001, and challenged the horse racing community to compete against online gamers and compare the difference between simulated and real-life horse racing.

A decade has passed with over 465,000 successful races running while Digiturf.com paid out over $17,354,000 to the winners. In celebration of their ongoing success and longevity, Digiturf.com has scheduled a ten day virtual horse racing extravaganza that includes over 400 tribute races and $20,000 sponsorships plus a chance to win $2,000 in bonus prizes.

There’s no disputing the fact that Digiturf.com has created a unique opportunity for everyone to race their own horses online for both fun and money. Virtual horse racing on Digiturf.com has also become one of the fastest growing sports on the internet. In addition to competing in the comprehensive race program players can train their horses, re-watch their races through an interactive 3D RaceViewer, buy and sell their horses through public auctions and even compete in three seasonal Championship Series worth $99,000.

Winning big money is obviously a big draw card with all horse racing events but Digiturf.com attributes their success to their cutting-edge CGI technology which they use to bring the traditional sport of kings online to the masses through a sophisticated gaming interface while still retaining the skills of horsemanship. An added advantage is the vibrant online community they’ve created through their public and private messaging platforms and discussions boards.

Digiturf.com is extending an invitation to everyone who loves horse racing to join the celebration of their tenth anniversary which they’ve sponsored with over $20,000 and free horses for all new players!

(Originally published on ESPN.com)

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