Need help assisting someone with Dementia? Alzheimer’s? @dementia_sa can help!

Everyone knows somebody with Alzheimer’s.  Whether it be a family member or friend – they are abandoned by the public and loved ones.

Everybody gives to Children’s Causes but people with Alzheimer’s are dying from slow neglect yet they can be given a significant quality of life.  Dementia SA is on a drive to show how family members, friends and care givers are given the opportunity to bring about a change in the way we connect with Alzheimer’s patients and the way you connect with them.

Do you know that an Alzheimer’s patient may not know who you are but can remember a musical score and sing along from beginning to end?  Memories are associated with an emotional experience and that is sometimes the entry point for change. We want to share with the public, caregivers and family how they can change the way they relate to what appears to be an impossible situation.

Don’t abandon someone in your life who had so much meaning.  The next one could be you!!

Dementia is a group of progressive and degenerative disease which have in common the loss of short term memory, cognitive changes and difficulty with activities of daily living. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common diagnosed dementia. Understanding and awareness of the disease helps manage the disease.

Dementia SA’s primary aim is to provide innovative services and support to address the challenges faced by people with dementia, their families, carers in formal and informal settings in South Africa. We believe in strengthening community awareness and understanding of all forms of dementia and advocate for training and education in ageing communities. It is in these communities where there are many elderly who are vulnerable and at higher risk of developing a dementia and exposed to various forms of abuse as a result of memory and cognitive impairment.

Dementia SA puts emphasis on this by holding Master Classes and Workshops and other training opportunities.  The next one will be held on from 26 to 28 March in Johannesburg and will feature, amongst others two international experts namely; Caroline Baker whose topic It’s my life! – How you can help me to remember is a presentation on the use of Life Story work in dementia care both at home and in a care facility – what is out there to help us? What can we do to implement? How do we use it and share it? Life story work is crucial to help us to provide good dementia care……….. and Professor Sharon Brintnell whose topic Compassion Fatigue covers “what is Compassion Fatigue and how does it manifest?

Visit www.dementiasa.org for more information.

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