Decorating on a budget? @Plascon share their tips for affordable luxury.


There was a time when redecorating was an ambitious project – primarily because of the high cost of big ticket items such as couches, carpets and curtains.

We were all delighted when high street décor changed all of that and the likes of affordable outlets such as Mr Price Home and Loads of Living, meant many more South Africans could afford a home décor update. The décor stands are shifting once again and there are those that firmly believe we’ve entered the era of “affordable luxury”.

“I believe the ‘Made in China label’ is reaching the end of the road,” says Marc Goethals of Antiques and Heritage of Europe in Milpark, Johannesburg. “We see more and more customers rejecting the uneven quality of goods mass produced in China and looking for affordable design with a luxury feel.”

Marc explained that the global trend is also towards that of affordable luxury: “Houses like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren have been suffering at the high end. It’s the more affordable brands like Michael Kors and Donna Karan that are growing fast.”

Marc is in the process of repositioning his own high-end antique business, to become a leading trader in affordable classic designs with modern finishes. All his pieces will be handcrafted by cabinet makers in Eastern Europe and craftsmen in Indonesia.

“It’s all about integrity of design and good quality raw materials. We believe people want something better.”
His advice to anyone decorating right now, is to always buy the best quality you can afford. “Don’t rush and buy based on a low price. Rather wait and buy less but buy better quality. You really will be paying less in the long run.”

Bernard Burger of Baxburg Interior Design and Landscaping says homeowners should always remember that it makes a lot more sense to re-use good quality furniture than to go and buy newer and cheaper quality.

“By re-modeling, repainting and re-upholstering furniture, you get a completely new piece. But you have to start with good quality foundations and invest in excellent fabrics,” he explained.

Bernard also suggests playing around with the placement of furniture. “If a couch has lived in your lounge for some time, there’s no reason it can’t be re-upholstered and enjoy a whole new life in your bedroom.”

“It is often difficult for many people to have the vision for this kind of décor update and it’s worth getting an expert to help you,” he said.

Baxburg will be showcasing their interior design style at Decorex Joburg as well as collaborating with Jean Bax de Keating to create two dreamy garden installations.

Painting remains one of the most cost-effective ways of updating a space, says Anne Roselt, Plascon Colour Manager.
“Paint is at the forefront of design trends, so a new coat of paint in one of the latest colours, guarantees an instant, on-trend update for your room,” she says. Plascon will also be showcasing innovative new paint techniques that are taking centre stage in décor next year.

“These are entirely new paint techniques, nothing we have seen before. This is the kind of instant interior décor update that anyone can achieve and immediately bring their home right up to date in terms of design and style,” she said.
For more interior design inspiration, don’t miss Decorex Joburg next month.

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