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By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

The first step for any company would be to create a website so that your customers can find you online. It’s a natural progression in your marketing strategy that sounds fun until you discover that it’s not the exciting creative process that you envisioned but a technical development that you don’t understand. And you’re paying for the privilege of having a website designer talk over your head without explaining the technical jargon in plain English. Or any other language known to mankind.

Getting your company’s website online is an essential marketing tool but it’s not a business goal to have an website online when it’s actually just part of your marketing function to attract new customers. Website design can become overly complicated and surprisingly expensive and there’s no guarantee it’s going to generate new business. Rather save your time and money and invest in a website template that can be customised to support your marketing objectives, integrate it with an online marketing strategy that really generates new business so that you can focus on the people who are really interested in doing business with you.

Website design is a whole new language involving HTML, CSS, HTTP, RSS and SEO. It is complicated but we can simplify it for you so that you can launch your website online effortlessly and efficiently. We’re going to customise an existing website template in your company colours including any visual and editorial materials you supply. We’ll research the optimum SEO keywords and incorporate them into your website. Upon your approval, we’ll even upload and host your website. Admitedly, it’s not a designer website, but it is made to measure. It’s effortless and affordable, costing R2,000 for a one page website (additional pages @ R1,000) but we can also pride ourselves on a 48 hour turnaround from design to online.

The visual appeal of your website is important to convey a professional image but your editorial content and search engine optimisation (SEO) are equally important for search engines to find your website online. You can save money on visual design by using a website template but more importantly remember to budget for search engine optimisation, PPC online advertising and social media marketing. If your goal is to establish your online profile to attract new business. If you want an affordable website with a polished design that reflects your company’s identity, highlighting your products and services with your contact details then we can get you online with a minimum of delay.

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