Meet #ComeDineSA Tumi Setumu

ComeDineSA Tumi Setumu

Mama raised a Queen. Daddy raised a King. I am Quing Tumi 👑🙌🏾

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In a nutshell: I’m fabulous! I get along with most people, love a nice cocktail and anything lemony. I’m driven and believe in working smart not working hard.

Worst trait: I get annoyed easily and my facial expressions show. I am known as the queen of side eyeing people and rolling my eyes.

Best trait: I’m easy to get along with and have a great sense of humour. Beauty plus brains. I always get what I want.

Cooking style: Very laid back – others may see it as disorganised. I have no issue putting chicken spice in a red meat dish.

Likes: Vodka, tasty food, people with a good sense of humour, lemons, looking (and smelling) good, netball and sports in general. I am a gym freak (when I feel like it).

Hates: People who breathe loudly and chew in surround sound. Extremely loud people, who don’t know when to shut-up. And trifle!!!

Most complicated dish: I don’t cook much, but it would have to be a stir-fry, only because I have a fear of hot oil that spits out at me.

Worst CDWM nightmare: Eating the head of anything (e.g. tongue or cheeks etc.); or being served something with its head still on. Having pets at the dinner table is a big no-no.

Perfect dinner party entertainment: Disco lights, pole dancing, body shots, money being thrown around everywhere.

The special thing about my dinner parties is: People will get to dress up as their alter egos, there’ll be drinks galore and if I could, I would have pole dancers, disco lights, fist pumping music…but that’s a whole other party. So I’ll stick to dressing up for now.

Other interests: I love love love meditating. It calms me down. I also love all kinds of reality shows and just all round entertaining. Oh and dogs but definitely not cats.

Q&A with Tumi

1. If you could invite four famous people (dead or alive) to a dream dinner party, who would your guests be?
RuPaul , Trevor Noah, Taye Diggs and Anele Mdoda (and I’d keep Oprah Winfrey on standby just in case any of the four don’t pitch. She would probably gift me an entire house rather than a bottle of wine).

2.What is your signature dish, which your friends and family rave about?-
No signature dish but I make amazing sandwiches.

3.On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) how would you score your dinner party hosting skills?
9/10. I’m a free spirit so people feel free to be themselves around me.

4.What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster to date?
I’ve never actually hosted a dinner party before. I hate having to clean up after. BUT –I did invite two friends for a late lunch and I just bought pizza. They were not impressed. Who cares!

5.If you could invite a South African entertainer to perform at your dinner party –who would you invite?-
The late Lebo Mathosa. She was amazing!

6.How do you want to be remembered on CDWM SA following your dinner party?
As the outspoken, sexy diva who ALWAYS spoke her mind!

7.What do you think makes you the ultimate host with the most?
I can make anyone feel comfortable around me and can relate to most people.

8.What is your idea of a nightmare dinner party and guests?
A choosy person, with a limited diet – especially vegetarians. I wouldn’t know what to cook for a vegetarian..

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