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Men’s casual shoes trend: Brogues & Boots!
When the cooler months approach we tend to be a little lost as to what the game plan for our winter wardrobe will be. The days of outdated ill-fitted blue jeans, oversized hoodies and faded white takkies are thankfully a very distant memory- that we needn’t revive. More men are starting to branch off from that drab same-old-same-old look and embracing being a 21st century man who is trend-conscious and practically stylish.

Autumn/winter 2015 men’s shoe trends – boots and brogues – echo exactly those sentiments. This season we can see the exciting evolution of the classic brogue and the ankle boot. Clarks look forward to colour variations, new styles and stylish twists, which appear in the finer details. What’s more is that both these styles of shoes have the ability to be transformed from formal to casual or vice versa.

The British shoemaker since 1825, stands for craftsmanship, effortless British style and innovation. For autumn/winter 2015, these passions have and still drive the brand since the very beginning.

The Clarks design team have taken their inspiration from classic styles like the wingtip, from seasonal trends and from time-honoured construction techniques like box stitching. Rich, burnished leathers and rugged nubucks are combined with pops of colour and details like ripple rubber.

Chelsea Boots!
Easily one of the most versatile shoe that can swiftly transform from smart to casual. A simple leather boot goes perfectly with a well-fitted suit or a pair of blue jeans. Colours such as blue, green, tan and grey work very well in suede and add a burst of vibrancy. Leather shoes are timeless in brown or chocolate.

Alpine Boots
Very practical and uncommon, however the alpine boot gives a great rugged personality especially worn with thick colourful socks surfacing out from the top of the boot. For daredevils, who are very comfortable with creating a little anarchy can pull the alpine boots off with a sleek suit and loads of attitude.

Brogue Boot!
With its brogue detailing and heavy sole the brogue boot such as the Derby Rise is a versatile winter shoe that has more than enough elegance to hold its own in the sartorial stakes. Mixing craftsmanship and old-world finesse with a rough attitude, this is a boot designed to stand proud in. Besides the staple black and brown, rich burgundy or tan are available too, which can be perfectly paired with rolled up chinos or jeans.

Originally from Scotland and Ireland originating in the 16th century, there is a reason why brogues have stood the test of time: timeless style, functionality and handsome gentleman’s shoe.

The perforated shoe has evolved into many styles such the Oxford, the full brogue, semi and quarter brogue. It has an appeal across all ages with its modern-retro aesthetic. When paired with a slim fitting suit, best to avoid the thicker and chunky soled styles as these can distort the silhouette, rather opt for a winged-tip in a solid colour like brown or black (even patent) as it will be perfectly demure for the office. For more formal occasions a patent leather brogue in black is fail safe option.

A go-to and trusted way of donning brogues is with slim fit/skinny chinos or jeans-unrolled or rolled up. The Clarks brogue collection has the ability of taking an otherwise very casual look and transforming it into a smart one. Besides the usual suspects– tan, brown and black- why not try different colours in suede such as navy blue or maroon. Remember – should you opt for the latter make sure the other items in your outfit are also not trying to grab the spotlight.

This autumn and winter, there will be no excuse for you to be left in the darkness of outdated and ill-fitting attire. Clarks has done all the work for you by crafting them, all that needs to happen is for them to be worn by you!

About Clarks:
Clarks is an iconic international shoe retailer, specialising in footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Attention to detail and passion for footwear are at the heart of the Clarks brand.1825. In the Somerset village of Street, Cyrus and James Clark made a slipper that led to a shoe and ignited a passion that endures to this day. Designs take their inspiration from far and wide, yet remain quintessentially British. And every new style takes shape around a bespoke wooden last, hand-carved by our own dedicated craftsmen.

Epitomised by the Clarks Desert Boot, it’s this unique combination of art and artisanship, innovation and imagination that guides us as we create stylish shoes that are a pleasure to wear.

Available in South Africa at www.europashoes.co.za.

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