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The world’s most exclusive vending machine unveiled by Chivas Regal

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For decades, Chivas Regal has offered South Africa’s whisky connoisseurs only the most impeccable Scotch, perfected for more than a century by dedicated master blenders. Now, perfection has been improved upon – Chivas Regal is proud to present the absolute pinnacle of exclusivity and class – The Icon, presented in the world’s most exclusive vending machine.

Traditionally considered to be a simple device, Chivas Regal has taken the humble vending machine to a whole new level. Historically, we have seen vending machines dispense an array of goods, some more unusual than others. In recent years, these machines have accommodated baguettes during holiday periods in France when bakeries are closed, and, in the UK, affordable flat shoes at clubs for the tired feet of the ladies.

Crossing from the quirky to the extravagant, we land in Dubai, where gold-plated versions dispense mini gold bars and customised coins. In New York in 2011, a fashion ‘necessities’ vending machine was housed in the elite Hudson Hotel to celebrate Fashion Week. The machine dispensed luxury items from up-and-coming designers, including a diamond and wood strand bracelet from Ruby Kobo, a python clutch from SANGA, hand-made 7-fold wool ties from Public School, and a rabbit fur jacket from Jolibe.

Though the aforementioned gadgets are no doubt impressive and interesting, Chivas Regal’s vending machine is like no other to come before it; it is the only one known to offer the highest value single item in the world – The Icon. But, this unrivalled vending machine is not simply a lavish display case; it is a real card-swiping, point-of-sale mechanism for those who are able to attain such a rare yet renowned Scotch, and is available at a premium shopping destination in Johannesburg.

“A truly singular whisky deserves a truly singular method of showcasing,” says Brand Manager of Chivas Regal South Africa, Mandla Holomisa. “That’s why we decided The Icon – arguably the world’s most exclusive whisky – would be dispensed by the world’s most exclusive vending machine.”

Created from more than 20 of Scotland’s rarest whiskies – some from Highland distilleries that are now lost to time forever – and encased in a beautifully handcrafted crystal decanter, The Icon represents sophisticated extravagance and inspires sensations of indulgence with every glance and honeyed sip.

“As rare and matchless as the whisky’s showcasing can be regarded, The Icon is just as much so. Only 24 bottles are available for sale in South Africa, retailing globally at USD3,600 (ZAR49,999),” says Mr Holomisa. “However, many would agree that it is impossible to put a price on this level of craftsmanship.”

Many more will never have the opportunity to set their eyes on The Icon or its extraordinary vending machine, but Chivas Regal South Africa is offering a select and esteemed few that chance.

“As well as celebrating our most sumptuous offering, we also want to celebrate South Africa’s icons – those who are worthy of great respect due to their talents and achievements, yet still live with all the chivalric values,” Mr Holomisa says. “Chivas Regal will hold an honorary event hosted at Hyde Park in November for this purpose, and honoured attendees will come face to face with our drink of refined opulence.”

Though The Icon is a limited-edition symbol of rarity and sumptuousness for a new era, Chivas Regal also represents attainable luxury, presenting a number of whiskies to suit different budgets.

“Chivas Regal offers all South Africans an experience of refined opulence,” Mr Holomisa continues. “There is a premium Scotch for every market, but The Icon will remain the zenith of excellence in our brand offering, and across others.”

For those who want an exclusive view of Chivas Regal’s most superb offering, the whisky will be showcased at Hyde Park Corner between 12 and 14 November, between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB0c5baE7zc&feature=youtu.be.

Visit www.chivas.com/en/za

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