Children in restaurants? We think not on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.


By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

It is cheaper and easier to keep your customers returning back for seconds than it is to find new ones. Kate Goetz and Edward Chamberlain-Bell discuss what it takes for restaurants to keep diners coming back for more. Surprisingly simpler than you might think.

Kate takes issue with being charged for a single gin & tonic while Edward is surprised it was only a single. Turns out Gautengers may be more intimidated by taking their own bottle of wine to a restaurant and paying corkage than their cousins in the Mother City. Kate has an excellent idea as she suggests it works out to be better value for money and you get to bring your favourite vino rather than be limited by the wine menu.

What are your views of children in restaurants? Edward agrees that it is a grown-up’s privilege to eat out in restaurants and the onus is on parents to ensure their children behave accordingly, otherwise there is always the Spur and McDonalds, who provide crayons and toys to keep the little ones entertained.

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