Chef Chantel Dartnall and three Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Renaut Share Their Mutual Dream of a Culinary Collaboration of Excellence at Restaurant Mosaic.


In December of 2019, at the prestigious La Liste Restaurant Awards in Paris, a conversation took place between multi-award-winning Chef Chantel Dartnall and three Michelin Star Chef Emmanuel Renaut (France).  That day, a seed was planted for their mutual dream of a culinary collaboration of excellence.

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A few months, and one phone call later, this dream has become a reality. On the 17th and 18th of April 2020, the South African gourmet community will have an opportunity to experience the flavours of the Megève Mountains and the Crocodile River Valley at Restaurant Mosaic in the Francolin conservancy.

This ‘Four-hands’ collaboration, forms part of an international initiative which sees various chefs from around the world pairing up for once-off occasions. These collaborations create new friendships and unique culinary experiences.

This event showcases two chefs with impressive records. As Chef Patron at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient, Chef Dartnall has a well-established and enviable reputation.  She was voted The Best Lady Chef in the World in 2017 as well as Chef of the Year at the Eat Out Awards in 2009 and 2014. French native, Chef Renaut is the proud Patron of the award-winning restaurant Flocons de Sel, in Megève and in 2012 he was crowned Chef of the Year in France and received his third Michelin Star in the same year – which he has retained to present day.

Although these illustrious chefs hail from two different worlds; they share a deep reverence for nature. Both have a unique ability to draw inspiration from their surroundings and present dishes that embody the essence of the countryside.

Despite living on different continents, both Chef Dartnall and Chef Renaut are fueled by a passion for precision, quality and sophistication. It is these values, which have seen them appointed as international ambassadors for Audemars Piguet – the globally renowned Swiss luxury watch brand. Chef Chantel Dartnall, Chef Emmanuel Renaut and Audemars Piguet are united in exploring the connection between creativity and technology, in an ongoing quest to challenge artistic excellence and technical mastery. The Four Hands Dinners represent a further pursuit of this ambition.

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The Orient Private Hotel was presented with the highest honour of the Jury Prize for The Best Hotel Wine List in the World during the World of Fine Wine Awards in London 2018, and walked away with the title of Best Wine List in the World in 2019. The highly acclaimed Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient was named one of the top 200 restaurants in the world at the prestigious 2019 La Liste Award in Paris.

The Tourism & Hospitality Counsel of South Africa meanwhile also named Restaurant Mosaic as Best Restaurant for 2018. It was also given a RASA Award for innovation, elegance and style of international prestige. Restaurant Mosaic has been a pilgrimage site for discerning foodies over the years. Set inside a Moorish Palace, pays homage to acclaimed chef Chantel Dartnall’s love of Parisian Belle Époque restaurants. Restaurant Mosaic is known for its impressive eight-course Grande Degustation menu as well as its five-course Degustation menu, that changes two times a year to reflect the seasons, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

Generous, lively, colourful, appealing and modern – those are just some words used to describe Chef Emmanuel Renaut’s food. Sourcing only from the best food producers around the world, he makes sure to meet all his suppliers in person – from artisan distillers to fishermen and cheesemongers – in order to parlay their produce into intricate dishes that reveal the ingredients’ best qualities.

Key to his approach to food is his background. Chef Renaut was born in Picardy in northern France but has always found a calling to reside in the country’s mountainous regions. As a trainee, he came under the tutelage of some of the country’s most prodigious chefs, from Christian Constant to Marc Veyrat, who pioneered molecular gastronomy and the use of mountainous produce.

Prices are to be confirmed as soon as Chef Dartnall and Chef Renaut confirm their Menu for the evenings. In the meantime, please feel free to reserve your table, as space is extremely limited.

This promises to be an unforgettable experience in the fringe of Pretoria!

To book your table, email reservations@restaurantmosaic.com

Visit www.restaurantmosaic.com.

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