A stylish radio interview with Chata Romano @chataromano

Edward Chamberlain-Bell interviews Chata Romano, who he considers to be South Africa’s first lady of style, discussing how she defines style and helps people discover their own style through The Complete Image Solution. Edward was so impressed with Chata because he discovered that she doesn’t prescribe style, but helps people to discover their own personal style. It’s not about being fashionable but discovering your full potential. Edward also adds that Chata although was “casually” dressed in a bold leopard print blouse with a red Chanel-style jacket, accessorized with a jet-black beads & gold necklace, and a helluva cocktail ring, he didn’t notice her image, but her personality. Clearly, South Africa’s leading image consultant understands that dressing to impress can earn you respect, but people should always notice your personality first. After listening to Chata, you will forget about what you should look like, but appreciate the importance of what you want to look like- just with better style!


Read more about this beautiful woman on JoziStyle.co.za, who says, “Beauty is not simply an external phenomenon, it comes from within – it is who you are. Whether you are a quiet person or a go-getter, a businesswoman or a stay-at-home-mom, your own individual style is unique.”

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