Chef Chantel Dartnall of Restaurant Mosaic awarded Culinary Innovation Award presented by SWISS and the JHP Gourmet Guide

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is delighted to announce that world-renowned Chef Chantel Dartnall of Restaurant Mosaic has been awarded with the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award presented by SWISS and the JHP Gourmet Guide™. On Wednesday 7 February, the management of SWISS and the JHP Gourmet Guide™ congregated with select media to congratulate Chantel, and to experience her five-course tasting menu at Restaurant Mosaic. She was also named The Best Female Chef in the World in the 2017 Best Chef in the World Awards.

The SWISS Culinary Innovation Award is truly an extension of SWISS’ well-regarded and elegant service offering. It focuses on highlighting fine dining that elevates the customer experience through creativity, effort, efficiency, passion, accuracy, precision and sustainability. SWISS prides itself on using these key elements to create a memorable and lasting experience for the traveller. Therefore it makes sense that these seven elements are also those taken into account in the judging process for the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award, with the chosen winner using the elements to create an overall innovative dining experience.

When Restaurant Mosaic was reviewed, Chantel wowed the panel with her innovation from start to finish – from conceptualisation and presentation of dishes and the stories told through them, and the techniques mastered in preparation, to her personal, ever-present service and execution in the unique environment of the Orient Hotel. It was for this very reason she was awarded the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award and that the JHP Gourmet Guide™ awarded Restaurant Mosaic with three plates, a representation of world-class destination dining worthy of a flight. Chantel and a partner,will be flying SWISS Business to Europe, to be inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience.

I am honoured to receive this award; I would not have been able to do it without the incredible support of my team. I am thrilled for the experience that lies ahead and am so very grateful to SWISS and the Gourmet Guide.
Chef Chantel Dartnall | Restaurant Mosaic

SWISS continues to support local innovation and talent, and looks forward to seeing the continued growth in the food sector. Dr. André Schulz, General Manager for the Lufthansa Group Southern Africa says, “We are thrilled that Chantel has been awarded the first SWISS Culinary Innovation Award and are excited to see how she will incorporate what she picks up from her unique culinary experience overseas into the cuisine at Restaurant Mosaic. SWISS will continue to support the top chefs in South Africa by showcasing their work and pushing them to reach new heights in terms of culinary innovation, while rewarding them for their outstanding work.”

SWISS takes huge pride in culinary innovation and serving excellent cuisine with the Taste of Switzerland in SWISS First and SWISS Business, and are happy to be able to support similar concepts in South Africa. “SWISS is pleased to announce that we will be continuing this partnership with the JHP Gourmet Guide™ for the 2019 edition,” concludes Dr. Schulz.

The 2018 JHP Gourmet Guide™ is available in selected Woolworths, Exclusive Books, Wordsworth and other national book stores, and online at R299.

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