Championship winners at whip the competition in virtual horse racing!

Championship winners at whip the competition in virtual horse racing!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Virtual Horse racing is Online at by Edward Chamberlain-Bell!

Virtual Horse racing is Online at by Edward Chamberlain-Bell!

Winning a Championship Series title is a prestigious and profitable accomplishment for any serious player in the virtual horse racing community at Winning a championship isn’t as straightforward as simply racing your horses and hoping for the best because it requires considerable preparation throughout the season but the rewards are certainly worth it considering that $79,000 cash is at stake.

If you’re a horse racing enthusiast, or even an avid gamer, you will love the online world of virtual horse racing at Their horses are cartoon versions of the real thing but the stakes are real, the handicapping and allowances are true to real-life horse racing and the rewards are cold, hard cash. Buying virtual horses is as easy as swiping your credit card after you’ve registered your virtual stable online. Then the hard part comes into play when you have to train your horses to be as competitive as possible because training virtual horses isn’t any less of a challenge than training real-life horses. is a skills-based game where considerable emphasis is placed on training your horses. There are 100,000 “genetically” unique race horses available for sale at but one can only ascertain their strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive training. Training your horses will improve their fitness and also identify their racing preferences over sprint, classic or stayer distances over a dirt or turf track. Don’t ever make assumptions about your horses’ preferences or abilities until you’ve trained them over every single possible racing variable because while thorough training will inevitably lead to success, poor training can only lead to disappointment.
You never want your horses to finish poorly at because each four-month season is sponsored with over $320,000. Those sponsorships are distributed throughout the Grade 1 race program but the most competitive races, like the seasonal championships, receive the most generous sponsorships. hosts eighteen Championship Series races a season. They’re obviously a highlight in the virtual horse racing community because they’re sponsored with either $2,000 or $3,000 cash each, but winning one is the ultimate test of a trainer when it comes to skillful training and placement. Winning a title proves that you have what it takes to be a successful horse trainer; the only thing sweeter is cashing your winnings!
After a grueling season of qualifiers, high expectations and the toughest competition, we finally have the pleasure of announcing the winners of’s 38th Championship Series. 

Championship Series Race
Juvenile Sprint Championship C
Black Lotus
Mutizen Kaiser
Juvenile Sprint Championship F
Speed Shed Partners
Fleur De Speed
Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C
Black Lotus
Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y F
Black Lotus
Mutizen Chunsa
Saratoga Sprint Championship 4-7Y C
Filante Stables
Tr Returns
Saratoga Sprint Championship 4-7Y F
Black Lotus
Toc Sonic Boom
Juvenile Classic Championship C – Gr1
Ray Of Domination
Juvenile Classic Championship F – Gr1
Macka Queen
Triple Crown Classic Championship 3Y C
Django Unchained
Triple Crown Classic Championship 3Y F
Boom Stables
Babyboom (GR)
Kentucky Derby Classic Championship 4-7Y C
Black Lotus
Toc King Kong
Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship 4-7Y F
Toc Pain Killer
Juvenile Stayers Championship C
Filante Stables
Juvenile Stayers Championship F
Primrose (JPN)
Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y C
Karl Khoder
Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y F
Black Lotus
Wn Opus X
Arlington Gold Cup 4-7Y C
Black Lotus
Toc King Kong
Arlington Gold Cup 4-7Y F
Gold Coins is a virtually real online horse racing game where you can apply your skill and strategy to own, train, and race virtual horses in live 3D action against a global racing community for real prize money. The game replicates real-to-life horse racing, and even runs a Virtual Breeders Championship to allow you the opportunity to have your own virtual horse compete for the winning title.

Article written by Edward Chamberlain-Bell for & published on ESPN.

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