Call Jane advocates safe and secure abortions for women and girls

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Call Jane centres itself in the true story of the “Janes,” an underground collective of women, who in Chicago during the 1960s, came together to secretly provide nearly 12,000 women and girls with safe and secure abortions.

The film is seen through the eyes of Joy (Elizabeth Banks), a suburban wife, and mother to a whip-smart teenage daughter. Joy’s happy life, filled with caring for her family and sharing confidences with her best friend, Lana (Kate Mara), is derailed when her much wanted pregnancy becomes life threatening.

Joy and her husband, Will (Chris Messina), meet with a board of male doctors to request a termination of the pregnancy, the only way to obtain a legal abortion at the time. When the doctors unanimously refuse, telling Joy she must take her chances, Will becomes despondent. And Joy, now desperate, and afraid she won’t live to see her daughter into adulthood, stumbles upon the Janes.

Led by the committed and compassionate Virginia (Sigourney Weaver), the group saves her life, and much to her surprise, also gives her a sense of purpose. While Will is at work and her daughter Charlotte is at school, Joy begins to secretly join the Janes at their safe-house, and her life as an activist begins.

At first, her furtive excursions to help other women, or to joust with the group’s lone medical provider, Dr. Dean (Cory Michael Smith), go undetected, but when her actions begin to collide with her traditional role at home, she must decide who to let in and who to let go of.

Call Jane was made for these times.

We only need to look at the decades before abortion was legalised in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States to get a sense of how the status of women can change overnight now that the ruling has been overturned in many states.

Abortion was once a criminal act in every state in the US. The authorities punished women for not managing their sexuality and fertility in ways the government, law enforcement, medical, and religious institutions approved.

Regardless if you are #ProLife or #ProChoice, Call Jane is a reminder that the civil liberties that you take for granted can also be taken away from you.

I have been waitng all year to see #CallJaneSA because I think that it is going to be the most important movie of 2022 – so it has been a great pleasure and source of pride to have been invited to create media awareness about this movie.


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