BUZ Publicity is offering special packages to help artists stand out from the pack!

The National Arts Festival is around the corner, and BUZ Publicity is offering special packages to help artists’ offerings stand out from the pack.

With a Fringe boasting more than 400 theatre, music and dance productions, plus a strong and eclectic Main festival programme, this year’s Grahamstown festival, taking place from 2 to 12 July 2015, is set to be a bumper one.

With such an abundance of arts riches for audiences to sift through, savvy but budget-conscious arts practitioners have a golden opportunity to generate media and public buzz around their production or exhibition with a tailor-made publicity package from a multi-award-winning PR company.

BUZ Publicity, founded by Bridget van Oerle 19 years ago, has a stellar track record in creating awareness around happenings, specialising in the arts, culture and lifestyle arena.

The company is offering customised publicity solutions at special rates for this year’s National Arts Festival, giving small production companies and independent artists access to valuable media exposure to get the word out.

As the owner of a small business operating in the cultural and creative industries, Bridget says she knows only too well how difficult it can be to penetrate glass ceilings and get your message heard.

I’m well acquainted with the challenges that emerging and established arts professionals face. But the challenging media and funding climate simply gives us added impetus to get our clients extra bang for their buck. Through our long-established network of media and industry contacts, using traditional as well as social media channels, we can make your show, event or arts offering ‘pop’ at festival time.”
Bridget van Oerle

So, to get your offering noticed amid the hundreds of others competing for traction in Grahamstown, call the team at BUZ Publicity for a chat. They’ll be your personal hands-on cheerleaders!

Contact Bridget at buz@buz.co.za or 011 482 3467/89 to find out how your creative labour of love can gain maximum PR exposure on an affordable budget.

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