Braaiboy is set to light up #Braaitology at this years Fire & Feast Meat Festival @BraaiBoy @fireandfeastSA #fireandfeast

Caped in his braai apron and armed with his tongs, South African superhero and Chad-O-Chef ambassador, BraaiBoy, is ready to vanquish hunger and ‘meat’ his fans at Braaitology, brought to you by Chad-O-Chef. This meat-infused feature will beef up this year’s Fire & Feast Meat Festival line-up, running from 8 to 10 June at Joburg’s Ticketpro Dome.

I’m so excited to be participating at Braaitology this year. The reason I like events like Fire & Feast is the same reason I like being BraaiBoy – the people. I love meeting new people but also having the opportunity to educate them on things such as the difference between boerewors and braai wors. I love to just chat, interact and impart knowledge.

Having braai’d every day since 17 April 2009, BraaiBoy has grilled, sizzled and seared various meats on some form of open flame across the continent and beyond. His passion is sharing his love of the braai and looking for the next ‘braai’namite adventure – such as the upcoming ‘Sky Braai’. BraaiBoy will attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records by braaiing at 10 000 feet and then jumping out an aeroplane. All in a day’s work.

But when not undertaking such death-defying feats, BraaiBoy continues to do what he loves best; socialising while cooking on his preferred Chad-O-Chef Hybrid braai. The first time he tried out this revolutionary new design, BraaiBoy felt he’d found his perfect cooking tool.

“The Chad-O-Chef Hybrid is available with a number of accessories to customise your braai – roasting domes, rotisseries and stir-fry pans – and soon, skewers and a smoke box, so you can literally do anything on the braai! Being a gas braai, you have the convenience of gas. So, when you’re in the mood for a quick, little braai after work one night, it’s great. But, if you want to have a big braai, just add wood and use the gas to light it! You can actually start your wood fire using the gas as the ignition source – this is just the coolest feature!”

BraaiBoy will be holding court at Braaitology, fanning the flames while he flame-grills with fans, chatting and sharing his ‘braait’ insights on everything from cooking techniques to the latest pizza wors craze. Visitors can watch (and taste) some expert braai demonstrations as BraaiBoy prepares three of his favourite recipes at Braaitology, brought to you by Chad-O-Chef. These include a Jimmy cheese steak; T-bone stuffed with creamy garlic shrimp; and a stuffed beer can burger.

BRM Brands Bistro will also feature at Braaitology, selling samples of their famous ribs and chicken throughout the arena. Visitors can enjoy a variety of BRM products, to take home or braai in Braaitology, otherwise to enjoy in a bistro-style restaurant. There will also be some ‘lekker’ Jack Daniel’s T-bones as well as the Jack honey boerewors. Visitors are welcome to visit BraaiBoy throughout the day and can even get him to braai their meat cuts to perfection. Those stopping by on Friday, 8 June might also make an appearance on BraaiBoy TV, being filmed at Braaitology.

The South African Chefs Association (SACA) will also be in attendance at Braaitology, with 10 chefs making meat the hero of 10 delectable meat dishes, all prepared on Chad-O-Chef – Sizzler Mobile braais. This saucy feature will excite the taste buds with pork, chicken, beef, lamb and even fish dishes spread across the 10 appetizer-size offerings. All Braaitology’s tasters can be bought with Fire & Feast’s BraaiBucks. 1 BraaiBuck = R25 = 1 taster.

Festival organisers will be spicing up this really tasty Braaitology feature with the ‘Win a chance to braai with BraaiBoy’ competition running on their social media sites. BraaiBoy will demonstrate one of his favourite braai recipes on the Chad-O-Chef Hybrid braai and then the winner will get to cook this recipe together with BraaiBoy. To enter, visit the ‘Fire and Feast Meat Festival’ page on Facebook.

“Braaitology is such a dynamic feature at this year’s Fire & Feast Meat Festival, introducing visitors to the incredible taste range of cooking on an open flame,” said Sandra Jardim, General Manager: The Fire & Feast Meat Festival. “The area will be teeming with the best chefs ready to engage with consumers and we are so excited to have BraaiBoy share his years of cooking and adventures will visitors.”

In addition to Braaitology, brought to you be Chad-O-Chef, visitors to this year’s Fire & Feast will be treated to a full menu of tasty features, including:

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