Why You Need To Get Your Tickets to See #BornToPerform #Shine2019 #FrontRowWithJoziStyle

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It’s no secret that if I don’t want to attend as event I’d rather just be upfront and say so.

#BornToPerform has always sounded like my idea of hell – a high school musical that somehow fell into a theatre and found itself performing on a stage. Needless to say, I’ve always avoided it like the plague.

I received a phone call from Born To Perform’s publicist, Collett Dawson from The CoLab Network, who begins our conversation by saying, “I know you’re going to say “No!” before I even ask, but I really want you to see this show. It’s nothing like what you think it is!”

Anyhow, I agreed to go – albeit it reluctantly, and with a great sense of trepidation!

My verdict: What a blessing it was to see such talented performers on the stage. Their talent is not defined by their age but by their performances. I was wrong to jump to conclusions based upon my pre-conceived ideas of what kind of show it was. I was painfully reminded of this as the show’s underlying theme is of acceptance, tolerance, and non-judgement.

The performers are all brilliant in their own right – although your personal preferences will determine which acts appeal to you the most.

Highlights for me included the sets, background visuals, and costumes. I’m a very visual person, so that ticked all my boxes.

There were one or two numbers that I could have done without; and a few that literally left me slack-jawed with amazement, but mostly a fantastically entertaining show. Most of the material is original, but I especially loved the homage paid to a medley of South African songs – multi-cultural and diverse. Black performers paying tribute to white artists, and white performers paying equal respect to black artists – and every race in between.

The artists also address their own vulnerabilities – in terms of their appearance, race, gender, sexuality, etc. which adds another dimension to their performances.

Lowlight: Kicking myself for stubbornly refusing to accept previous invitations to see the show!

Highlights: Too many to mention but here’s a stab …

– The song about “Children Hear” being signed by a deaf choir.
– The deaf children performing in a musical. Period.
– An autistic artist braving the stage admirably.
– Yahto Kraft owning his divalicious beauty.
– And, so much more!

A mindblowing show that challenges your bigotry through the uplifting joy of song and dance!

Tickets available at www.computicket.com.

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