Black Bottle steampunk-style dispensing machine at its popular pop-up collaboration with The Union Bar

Black Bottle, known for being boldly unconventional, has taken its alternative stance up a notch with a steampunk-style dispensing machine at its popular pop-up collaboration with The Union Bar in Johannesburg, running until June 11.

Consumers buy a special coin at the venue, insert it into a slot and then crank a lever to enjoy a glass of rich, layered and smoky Black Bottle blended Scotch whisky. A bell rings after the whisky is dispensed, adding to the drama.

The Heath Robinson-like contraption is intriguing and delighting users, according to the agency that commissioned its design. “The whisky dispenser takes something that’s very simple and makes it extremely complicated,” says Matt Tunguy-Desmarais of Matt Advertising, who worked with Brand Foundry in Cape Town to create the steampunk machine.

“In a world where everything is so glib, fast and instant, the dispenser creates a delicious contrast and theatrical experience with its seemingly intricate dispensing process that’s in fact very simple,” says Lucindi Branfield, the SA marketing manager for the brand. “It mirrors the Black Bottle identity that’s layered, complex and a little complicated.”

Brand Foundry developer, Tim Smith says: “The challenge was really to make it feel like a mechanical system whereas the entire thing is actually digital. And it features parts sourced from various scrap yards, including an old ship porthole, antique levers and cogs as well as a time ticker. ”

To watch a video of the very unique Black Bottle whisky dispenser, go to: http://bit.ly/1Tz3aDf.

After its stint at The Union Bar, the Black Bottle whisky dispenser will make its way to other venues, restaurants and bars in Johannesburg and Cape Town where the brand is stocked.

The Union Bar with Black Bottle blended Scotch whisky is open to the public on Thursday to Saturday nights, 18:30 to late, until June 11. The venue is the Norman Goodfellows Dispatch Warehouse, on the corner of Chaplin and Oxford roads, in Illovo, Johannesburg.

Visit www.theunionbar.co.za.

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