Better than a Superfecta!

Better than a Superfecta!

You know you’re living in the future when your smartphone replaces everything from your MP3 to your GPS and you’re watching horses racing online, because thanks to, the sport of kings has gone digital and its coming to you online home through streaming video.Remember when presidents promised a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage? Well is  delivering a free horse to every home and free races for every horse. promises that in the future you will own your own horses that you can train and race against family, friends, and other horse racing enthusiasts around the word for real money in stakes races, claimers, and championships. You can even train your horses on a daily basis for the most competitive championships online.

These horse races are so competitive they’d probably scare young children but you can win $99,000 (U.S.) in’s Championship Series. This is when your investment broker might like to discuss you horse racing portfolio.

There’s already a virtual horse racing enthusiast who’s seriously considering his financial opportunities after winning over $6,000 (U.S.) cash in’s 30th Championship Series. His gaming name is Chrisman. He’s one man who won five championships in just three days!

It’s virtually impossible but he’s accomplished more than what most people thought was possible in horse racing. Chrisman has been racing virtual horses since 2005, he’s earned over US$856,000 and he’s just won his 30th Championship Series; which includes the Juvenile Sprint, Juvenile Classic, Juvenile Stayers, Triple Crown Sprint, Triple Crown Classic, Triple Crown Stayers, Arlington Gold Cup, Saratoga Sprint, and the Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship titles.

Chrisman knows his horses because no one wins that many championships unless they understand the game of horse racing, but his latest accomplishment overshadows the fact that he’s just won five championships in just three days. His horse, a 6Y black filly named Macka Beast won the Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship. What followed next was nothing short of virtually impossible as his three other fillies finished second, third, and fourth in the Kentucky Championship. They scooped all the sponsorships and left the competition high and dry!

He’s not only the highest ranking player in the online virtual horse racing community, but Chrisman has achieved more than what anybody considered possible by filling the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions in the same race. The odds of winning a race in virtual horse racing at are identical to real-life racing, so finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th is even better than predicting a superfecta.

Chrisman then proceeded to place in another eleven races with added cash sponsorships. You can call virtual horse racing online gaming or just horsing around but if you won $6,000 (U.S.) you’d probably be calling your bank manager.

Probably the only thing that comes close to winning a superfecta is choosing your own a free horse to kick-start your virtual stable- because is the future of horse racing.

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