Beating the winter bulge with SKINNY Green Coffee

The one thing that most of us fall prey to are the sneaky few kilos that somehow take up criminal residence on our bodies. We might plead innocence because during the frosty season we tend to need more energy to keep warm, hence the increased number of hot chocolates with marshmallows, puddings with custard, condensed milk rusks, toasted cheese sandwiches and more than a dollop of butter and honey on your morning porridge.

Most of us are guilty of this, especially when you spend three quarters of your day sitting at a desk in an office environment. The winter bulge can be a result of decreased activity/gym attendance, solace in comfort foods, and the need to keep warm with hot foods.

But not to worry as SKINNY Green Coffee can bail you out. SKINNY Green Coffee is a natural weight loss product that not only helps your body burn unwanted fat but also boosts energy.

SKINNY Green Coffee is made from raw unroasted coffee beans that are rich in both caffeine and chlorogenic acid. These compounds help boost the metabolism and inhibit the gluconeogenesis or fat absorption.

The formulation includes, evodiamine that has a thermogenic property that induces heat production and energy generation. This causes the metabolism to speed up and work harder resulting in more calories being burned without consuming more. Raspberry ketone is an aromatic compound that reduces visceral fatty tissue and liver triglycerides. Yerba mate demonstrates antioxidant activity, it reduces triglycerides and controls glucose in the metabolism. Antioxidants are a necessity to fight free radicals that cause premature ageing due to stress, pollution and smoke in modern living. Due to the high prevalence of caffeine, it improves memory function, boosts your energy and acts as a natural fat burner.

If you find yourself slightly going off the bandwagon and possibly giving into the temptations of winter, remember to reach out for a sachet of SKINNY to enjoy without the bulge and guilt.

SKINNY is available in a 14 sachet carton at selected retail stockists. SKINNY is only effective as part of a kilojoule controlled diet combined with regular exercise.

Visit www.skinnygreencoffee.co.za

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