Are you SA’s biggest bakers fan? #Bakerssa

For over 165 years Bakers® has brought delight to the homes of millions of South Africans. The brand has been trusted for generations because it delivers on the promise of quality ingredients and taste – with a touch of Bakers® magic!

For the past 4 years, Bakers® has been rewarding loyal fans with the Bakers ®Biggest Fan competition, by giving away R2 million worth of airtime, cash and electronics each year.

In addition to the on-pack competition, Bakers® will be posting weekly Facebook challenges on its official Facebook page. Each challenge will be posted on the Bakers® SA Facebook page on a Wednesday, and all participants have until midnight on Sunday to make their submission. In this time you too can enter and we encourage you to also challenge your fans and friends to enter before the weekly closing dates.

Please post your encouragement to enter on your Facebook page and tag the Bakers® SA Facebook page. You are not restricted to posting your encouragement only on Facebook – other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can also be used. Please note however, that only submissions by your fans made on the Bakers® SA Facebook page will be counted. Bakers® will post challenge reminders every Friday and Sunday on the Bakers® SA Facebook page.

NB: Please note that the entry mechanic for each weekly challenge will be for the participant to comment/post an image in response to the competition challenge post. In line with the Facebook Terms, “sharing” the competition post and “tagging” friends are optional and are not requirements for participants to enter the competition. So you can encourage fans to “share” or “tag” but this does not constitute an entry, they still need to enter the competition.

The next Bakers® SAChallenge: 22nd June 2016
Give someone a box of Bakers® biscuits to brighten up their day
· Information and inspiration to follow soon
· Closing date midnight, Sunday 26th June 2016

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