Bored with Banting, anxious about Atkins, or simply confused about carbs? Then read this! @Atkins_SA

Bored with Banting, anxious about Atkins, or simply confused about carbs?

The JoziStyle team was all of the above until we interviewed Justin Strout, Director at Atkins SA, who was the perfect person to seperate our carbohydrates, fats and proteins into an organised meal plan that will keep you healthy, satisfied and thin. We also found out that you can’t cheat on Atkins, but Atkins can help you cheat your carb cravings!

JoziStyle: What is the difference between Banting and Atkins?
They are similar in a number of ways in that we both are aligned with reducing the amount of carbs and sugar found in diets to day and the massive negative impact that is having on peoples health and weight. We separate on the amount of protein and fat that should make up a person’s required calorie intake per day. Banting is more fat with protein aligned where as were a slightly higher protein with fat and some good quality carbs as part of a persons daily food and calorie requirements, adding simple sugars or the amount of sugar consumed in the ‘modern’ diet is a huge problem.

JoziStyle: How is Atkins still relevant in a world that has gone Banting mad?
Atkins prides its self of making products that taste great but still follow the principals of the Atkins lifestyle and I think people trust that based on decades of success stories. Our two fastest selling product lines are from the Advantage and Endulge ranges. The Advantage range is a larger 60g bars that is packed with proteins 17- 19g per bar but only has 1-2g crams of Carbs and they taste great, Chocolate Mint and Brownie we can keep up with. Endulge is from our treat range so a bit smaller ideal for between dinner and bed, most peoples ‘dark zone’ or a little something during the day, the coconut tastes just like a bounty bar…. but without the sugar and carbs!

JoziStyle: If Atkins is more lifestyle orientated than product based; so why do we need to buy the products?
To get the most benefit from the products is to have a good starting point without the products. If I can expand on that. Atkins is not a product based diet or lifestyle you won’t be able to use our products and make no other changes to your diet and lose weight or improve your health. You would need to start with your main meals, reduce your sugar and carbs in every meal and understand the idea of low-carb. The worst diet or life style you can have is high sugar high fat, which is unfortunately what a lot of people do. Pizza and a coke for example the increase in insulin together with a high fat meal is a recipe for disaster. So once you have got your diet sorted out then the products are great for between meal snacking, if you a running late you can grab a bar or shake to get you through a few hours or sort out that craving for something sweet in the evening and get massive benefit without worrying about adding weight.

There’s no ‘secret recipe’ for using the products the secret is ‘in side’ the products. We have options for almost all situations that low-carbers would want. Snack bars and ready-to-drink shakes, breakfast shakes, low-carb bread, pasta and muesli so covering most bases. I would say have one or two on hand for a unexpected hunger attack and plan them into you day so you keep to your lifestyle without having to think about it too much.

JoziStyle: We love the Atkins diet but we miss the carbs! How can we cheat without cheating?
Some people still think Atkins is a No Carb lifestyle with we aren’t. You start on very low carbs if you want or need to lose weight but through the four phases you introduce carbs into your diet until you find the carb balance that works for you as an individual so no yo-yo effect. The product help to maintain the lifestyle as finding low-carb snacks (other than ours) is very difficult and there is so much biltong and nuts a person can eat.
How do I start and where can I buy the products?

Starting is easy, you can get more info about Atkins and the products as well as select from hundreds of low-carbs meals on our two websites. You can also register put in your details and track and monitor your weightloss progress. We have made a starter kit that has a quick start guide, meal planner and a selection of all the products to help you get started. Products are available through your website, Dischem, Clicks, PnP hyper and other independent stores and shops.

JoziStyle: Are the Atkins’ products only for people on the diet?
No the products are great for anyone looking to have a snack that is low-carb, low-sugar with protein. Most of our customers are not on the Atkins diet but love the taste and quality of the products. They make great treats for lunch boxes and are ideal for Diabetics or anyone who needs to maintain their blood sugar, so there is no set type of person who would benefit from an Atkins product over another snack or treat.

Want to lose 7kgs within 14 days? Then visit www.atkinssa.co.za, facebook.com/AtkinsSA and @Atkins_SA!

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