Get Social at the Anti-Social Social Club in Melville #DineJoziStyle


Despite its contradictory sounding name, the Anti-Social Social Club is surprisingly very social.

Perfect for little drinks that pack a punch and little nibbles or big bites!



We were invited to lunch but I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered the lightest meal possible: the Tuna Tataki. It was the perfect choice because it was the freshest tuna crusted with sesame seeds, briefly seared, and dressed with microgreens, pickled ginger, and a zesty lime and soy dressing. If the presentation was WOW, the flavours were even more impressive.

I don’t enjoy sushi because I don’t like the heaviness of rice, but a clean sliver of sashimi or tataki really appeals to my palate – especially when it is so beautifully presented.

BTW: Those quenelles are avo and not wasabi. Even more of a delicious combination of flavours.

My partner ordered the Salt and Pepper Calamari which was served with their homemade Sriracha mayonnaise and their chilli and lime dipping sauce. Massive sized calamari rings – that initially resembled onions rings, but were ultra-light battered calamari rings topped with the most delicate crispy squid heads. There’s a little bit of poetry on this plate balancing different sizes and flavours.

The Anti-Social Social Club has a wicked cocktail menu, and considering the Hawaiian decor, it would be a sin not to have a cocktail.

I’m not going to recommend a cocktail – admittedly I had three and a shooter (I wasn’t driving), but I would recommend that you take a closer look at the menu and pick a favourite.

The Maple Bacon Old Fashioned is highly recommended, but I especially loved the Christmas Pudding Tequila – a homemade infusion of Christmas Pudding in a tequila that is reminiscent of festive spices. I did ask if was a tequila for sipping or throwing back but was told to make my own conclusion – I think it’s smooth enough to sip like a cognac. I don’t judge people how they eat or drink, so I won’t judge anyone who throws the #ChristmasPuddingTequila back like a frat boy, but I would have reservations.

Full Disclosure – because of all legal requirements:
I was invited as a guest of the restaurant but not as media.
I was not required to pay for our meals or drinks.
I am not obliged to offer any opinion, review, nor exposure, to the restaurant.

In fact, the owners went to great lengths to remind me that their invitation was purely a social / courtesy invitation with no obligation.

I reminded them that I’m @JoziStyle, and never feel obligated to do anything – not even if I’m told not to review something!

Visit www.antisocialsocialclub.com.

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