Anni King available online at Zando.com

Anni King now available from your favourite online retail giant Zando.com

Joanna Chen, Anni King designer, has confirmed that the brand will be available online at Zando.com.
Monday the 17th of August is the official date of the sales partnership between the designer handbag brand and the online retail giant.

The brand feels that being available in cyberspace is a smart move, having recently launched their own online store. Anni King likes to make their luxurious, hand-crafted handbags as easily accessible to all those ladies out there desperately seeking beautifully made bags! Now you can get your designer handbag from the comfort of your home or office!

About Anni King
The founder and lead designer of the Anni King collection is Joanna Chen, who was raised in South Africa. The idea originated when Joanna came to realise that for a woman, a handbag not only fulfils a function, but it also makes a statement about her personality.

The name of the brand is a fusion of her middle name ‘Anni’ and her father’s name which is ‘King’. Through the Anni King range, Joanna wishes to profoundly touch the lives of women, whilst creating a legacy that will make her family proud.

Joanna has an uncompromising approach to quality – from initiation of the design process through to the crafting and manufacturing that can be seen in the detail. Ultimately, every Anni King handbag is a creative expression – a work of art.

Visit www.anniking.com.

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