Anni King: Less is so much more!

Ladies often love to flaunt their large and oversized totes-filling them with everything from their wardrobe, kitchen, office and the occasional emergency chemist.

Those “just in case” items may come in handy you could give your over-burdened handbags a bit of a break. While you can all admit that while you all love an all-you-can-carry bag, this usually ends up with you carrying a small animal on shoulder or in your hand, while you attempt to maintain your stiletto strut.

Thankfully the fashion gods have decided that small bags are finally making a comeback, in a BIG way. Everything from pastels, metallics and dainty cross body purses. Small bags have the supernatural ability to transition from work to evening without blinking. More importantly, they make the duty of shopping much more bearable and pleasant. No more slanted postures or having a significant other holding your precious cargo.

Downsizing is also universally chic, practical and timeless (think the quintessential Parisian femme). Anni King has a range of retro and modern bags that come in different fun colours (and the staple black), shapes and textures. Choose from an array of formal or casual with a swanky sling or if you prefer just handles. Small bags also look much sleeker and much less bulky.

Less is so much more!
Anni King

If you’re sick and tired of digging around for lost items, walking around carrying Pandora’s box and embarrassingly searching for your phone while it rings in a meeting under the pile of everything, small bags are the way to go.

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