Ananda Vardhan's #HeavenlyMantra @freedmana1 Is Music To My Ears

Ananda Vardhan -singer/songwriter

I used to roll my eyes when radio DJs told us that we had to support local artists because local was supposedly lekker. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. But, something changed in the music industry as artists and record labels got their acts together and starting producing the kind of music that I didn’t just want to listen to, I actually wanted to buy it. Thankfully, we’re no longer told that we have to support an artist because they’re local because we’re just told that they’re South African artists- almost as an afterthought.

One artist who has created a unique Eastern/Western fusion sound combining jazz, blues and Sanskrit that really appeals to me is Ananda Vardhan. He’s a singer/songwriter/ teacher of bhakt-yoga who has created the kind of music that one can listen to, meditate to and even dance to. I even use it to teach yoga to.

I would love it if you can share this blog so we can share Ananda Vardhan’s music with the world. And, you can please RT #HeavenlyMantra @freedmana1 because it is my all time favourite!

You can listen to Ananda’s music here: soundcloud.com/anandavardhan, like him on Facebook or email freedmana AT @mweb DOTcoDotza.

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