Advertising on community radio can be more profitable for your business @Radio2Day

Advertising on community radio can be more profitable for your business

Radio Today offers targeted and affordable advertising solutions for any business

Economists say that you have to spend money to make money, but smaller businesses cannot justify extending their marketing efforts in a shrinking economy. Bill Gates might spend his last dollar on PR, but unless you’re Bill gates that might not be a consideration. The solution is not to spend more but to get more value for your money.

Community radio stations can offer more your business value for money because their listenership is smaller and niched. Community radio stations can also produce very effective advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of commercial broadcasters so that the sole business can advertise alongside the national corporates.

Television might be the gold standard for big budgets advertisers, but community radio is the sweet spot for for any size business looking to engage customers on a local level.

Five Quick Reasons To Advertise on Community Radio:

  • You’re supporting local. Everybody respects that.
  • Radio travels from home to work, in transit and online.
  • It takes minutes to record a radio commercial – and it’s theatre of the mind!
  • Radio travels through home, work, transit and retail.
  • It’s cheaper, targeted, and can deliver results overnight.

If you are a Johannesburg based business, or a business that want to target the Johannesburg market, Radio Today is community radio station that broadcasts to the discerning listener in the greater Johannesburg area. The listenership lies mostly in the A and B income groups (LSM 7-10) and command highly influential positions in society.

You can advertise your business on Radio Today to their 60,000 PLUS listeners from as little as R100 / day, or contact us to discuss added-value packages. Radio Today also offer a wide range of packages and sponsorship opportunities so that you get heard by the people who make a difference in the Johannesburg community.

Radio Today is also a Section 21 company whose beneficiaries include The Salvation Army, JAFTA (Johannesburg Association for the Aged), NOAH (Nurturing Orphans of Africa for Humanity), and CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation). Radio Today is the community radio station that delivers!

For media and advertising queries, please contact:
Edward Chamberlain-Bell / 0847543431 / edward@chamberlainbell.com
Website: www.chamberlainbell.com

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