Absa bank returns to original red logo @Absa #JoziStyle


It appears that there was some confusion yesterday about Absa bank re-branding their stores with the Barclays bank logo and colours in place of the traditional Absa red.

It really was a fresh and exciting update that had media and marketing executives sharing their opinions online- and some speculating that it was a hoax. JoziStyle was one of the first publications to share the news, but became concerned when Absa weren’t responding to social media commentary, nor updating their social media platforms, so we contacted Absa’s media liaison directly to establish the facts. Turns out that there is no truth in the claims that Absa is re-branding, but it wasn’t a hoax either.

An Absa spokesperson explained that their Nicolway outlet is a “proof of concept” store where they test-run their possible new developments in a live retail environment. It’s a bit like a pop-store for banks!

The outlet that we opened at Nicolway Shopping Centre in Bryanston is a proof of concept test store. It has no tellers and neither looks like nor functions like a typical branch. We use the store to experiment with, inter alia, different colour lighting, signage, furniture, technology and configuration. We constantly look for ways of refreshing the Absa brand and we expectAbsa spokesperson that the store will continue to morph as we test a range of ideas and research reaction. There are no plans in place to change the colour of the Absa brand from red to blue.

Absa Spokesperson

Corporate re-branding is a huge undertaking that can have equally serious ramifications, so testing a new logo in a very public space was probably a bit shortsighted, but it does demonstrate that Absa has a creative streak where they are prepared to push the boundaries in retail banking. Considering that banking is not a pleasurable experience (IMO), I look forward to seeing what future developments Absa has in store to make banking with them a more enjoyable experience.

I received varied views on Twitter about the proposed change and look forward to hearing yours.

What are your views on this “non re-branding” exercise – and which colour do you prefer?


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