A flavourful boost of energy with Antonelli Ginseng Espresso.

A flavourful boost of energy
Much more than just a coffee break; it is a moment of pure pleasure. In this original recipe, the beneficial and stimulant principles of ginseng are combined with the aromas of Coffee – creating a soft, irresistible delight for both the body and the taste buds. This is the reason why many coffee connoisseurs have changed their coffee rituals towards Antonelli Ginseng Espresso.

Intense aroma; delicate flavour; pleasantly sweet aftertaste: savoured in small sips using its special cup, Antonelli Ginseng Espresso is an everyday discovery, at any time of the day.

A blend of tradition
The idea of combing the energy of coffee with the properties of ginseng is an invention that is proving to be a big success in recent years. But the use of this particular plant has its roots (it is appropriate to say…) deep down in old traditions. Ginseng, actually, has been cultivated for over one thousand years across the Northern Asian Regions, especially in China – and since then, it has been highly appreciated for the numerous health benefits. Either infused or as a medicinal extraction, its virtues help relieve tiredness and emotional stress, revitalising the mind and body; restoring the body’s natural balance.

The history of ginseng espresso
Actually, the mixing of coffee and ginseng is fairly recent: an idea that was born and developed less than a decade ago. On the other hand, the use of this particular medicinal plant has a history which brings us far back in time. The cultivation of the ginseng plant in fact, can be traced back to several centuries ago in the Asian continent and specifically China. Ginseng was and still today is used as body and mind tonic: a natural solution to fight stress, tiredness and aid physical adaptation to harsh environmental conditions.

Giving a quick look also into the etymology of this plant, we note that ginseng is a word that comes from the Chinese language that loosely translates as ‘A root that takes the shape of a man’ which means that the health properties of ginseng shall be extended easily across any part of the human body.

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