67 Blankets to knit a portrait of Madiba that can be viewed from outer space! #MMM @67Blankets

67 Blankets is on a new, incredible journey to create the Massive Mandela Masterpiece, or MMM, which plans to be the world’s largest portrait blanket carrying Nelson Mandela’s face. The “blanket” will be made up of 1,764 smaller blankets (or pixels) and will be so big that Madiba’s face will only be seen when viewed from the sky and from outer space.

To make the MMM a reality, the 67 Blankets “goodwool” ambassadors have started donating wool. While the “knitwits” nimble fingers are already at work clicking their knitting needles, and looping their crochet hooks to knit blankets. The MMM will feature Madiba’s face in black and grey, and the border will consist of blankets knitted in the colours of the South African flag – red, yellow, blue and green.

We need lots of wool. We need lots of ‘goodwool’. We need many more South Africans to come on board – to get those needles clicking away and make the “pixel” blankets. Fortunately, the black blankets have been taken care of thanks to the hard work, passion and dedication of our 67 Blankets family in India as well as inmates serving life sentences at Zonderwater Maximum Correctional Centre. Now we are desperate for grey wool, which makes up a large portion of the MMM. And we are calling on fellow South Africans to help us by donating this important colour into the mix. Whether it’s one grey ball of wool or a whole bakkie load, your contribution will help turn this remarkable blanket from a dream into a reality.

Carolyn Steyn | Founder of 67 Blankets


To be precise, the MMM needs 900 grey “pixel” blankets, which can be made up of 20cm x 20cm squares or can be knitted / crocheted as a whole blanket measuring 160cm x 160cm.

67 Blankets has become one of South Africa’s, and indeed the world’s, most beloved initiatives. It achieved Campaign of the Year in its first year and has received three Guinness World Records. But most importantly, 67 Blankets has exceeded its initial goal by distributing around 31 000 blankets over the past three-and-a-half years to people living in dire need. “Now, with MMM, we are aiming for 67 000 blankets and more. We will never stop,” Steyn concludes.

The MMM deadline to handover blankets and / or squares is 15th December 2017. If you want to get involved, to knit or donate wool? Please email info@67blankets.co.za or visit www.67blankets.co.za.

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    Omg, your blanket is gorgeous! I like your choice of yarn and color. really beautiful blanket ! lovely color.thanks for sharing.

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