67 Blankets Fundraising Gala @67Blankets

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The 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day put the fun back into fundraising and can best be described as an elegant success.

Chef Malcolm David Burroughs donated his time and menu to create salmon & avocado mousse starters, a succulent lamb shank for mains, and a constellation of star desserts (too many to mention) but he forced me to have a slice of his chiffon cake with granadilla coulis which was heavenly.

Pheasant Hill donated the use of facilities so that every single cent raised went straight into the coffers to buy more ‪#‎GoodWool‬ for the 67 Blankets campaign.

We were invited to host a ‪#‎DineJoziStyle67Blankets‬ table but tickets sold out so fast that we scrapped that idea.

If you want to get involved with ‪#‎67Blankets‬, visit www.67blankets.co.za.

Pics from Jaco Lötter.

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