Why 47 ON Grant must be one of your Go-To restaurants in 2017! #DineJoziStyle @47onGrant

When asked, I usually tell people that I don’t have a favourite restaurant, because inevitably I get invited to so many that they all start to look and taste the same, and also being a foodie presenter on radio it is a professional liability to publicly endorse one above the other, or worse I risk offending my friends who are chefs or restaurateurs, BUT,  I will say that 47 ON Grant – Turkish Fusion in Norwood was my favourite discovery in 2017.

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Their food is real food. Natural flavours speak for themselves with minimal interference in the kitchen, presentation is literally as it lands on the plate. I find their authenticity quite refreshing in a world where every ingredient is reconstituted beyond recognition.  Their tapas / salads are glorious as starters or accompaniments to a main meal.

As far as accompaniments, I’ve never been sold on the watermelon & feta combo, so that’s a personal preference, but you can’t go wrong with  with their tahini, hummus or guacamole. Their ezme starter (tomato & pomegranate) starter was a revelation for me – especially considering that I don’t like tomatoes, because it had the freshness of raw tomatoes with the texture of a cooked tomato sauce.  I was embarrassed after telling Nadia Sha, owner of 47 ON Grant, that it would not appeal to me, when she saw that it was the starter that I had finished the quickest and the fastest. The Baba Ganoush is the one must-have dish to try – either as a starter or as an accompaniment. It is roasted over a fire (not burnt on a gas grill) and is infused with a delicious smokiness.

The Corba Soup is a mystery to me, made with lamb & lentils, it has an rustic earthiness to it with a beguiling symphony of spices. I couldn’t identify any of the spices except cumin – but being a Turkish restaurant, that was only a thumb-suck on my part. Nadia did give me a breakdown of the thirty spices that she used to make her soup, but I’m not sharing. The Corba Soup is a definite winner in my opinion.

For mains, the Cag Kebab is the epitome of what  47 ON Grant’s cuisine is about. It’s marinated lamb grilled on an open fire – it is succulent, smokey tenderness on a kebab stick. I don’t think I have ever tasted lamb as good, nor will I ever again, until I return to 47 ON Grant. The Lamb Sheesh, Chicken Sheesh, Adana Kebab and Lamb Pirzola will leave you equally impressed.

But, rather than choosing an individual dish, order one of their mixed platters that give you a taste of everything – and you’ll get a choice of five starters with your meal. It will be a truly epic culinary feast that will transport you to the somewhere in Mediterranean – it is a Turkish fusion restaurant.

47 ON Grant is Halal, so don’t expect to be served alcohol, but their very sophisticated selection of mocktails will make you forget that you’re not drinking alcohol. Ironically, for a Muslim owned restaurant, it was my Jewish friends who recommended it.

47 ON Grant was my best dining discovery in 2016, I hope you will make it yours in 2017!

Contact 47 ON Grant:
071 155 7266
47 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg

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