Win R100,000 FREE advertising on Radio Today Johannesburg with the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show and WebWin!

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Radio Today Johannesburg broadcasts nationally,as well as to 8 English speaking Southern African countries, on 1485am, DStv Audio Channel 869 and streaming audio at www.1485.org.za. Their listenership is in the A and B income groups (LSM 7-10) and consists of people commanding highly influential positions in society.[/caption]

Six lucky winners will be share R100,000 free advertising on Radio Today Johannesburg with the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show.

Radio Today Johannesburg broadcasts nationally as well as to 8 English speaking Southern African countries on 1485am, DStv Audio Channel 869 and streaming audio at www.1485.org.za. Their listenership is in the A and B income groups (LSM 7-10) and consists of people commanding highly influential positions in society. This is an excellent marketing opportunity for yourself, your business or even your boss!


The Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show is a talk-show discussing lifestyle and leisure in South Africa. Between myself, and my fantastic five co-hosts, we review everything from restaurants, hotels, holidays, spas, health, fitness, nutrition, grooming, personal growth and even ourselves!

Nothing is taboo, nothing is too serious or too frivolous for us to discuss it on the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show. We’ve interviewed celebrities, non-celebrities and even mediocrities. We’re about being fun and serious at the same time as we share all of South Africa’s hot-spots with our listeners.

One day we noticed that everyone we interviewed had a business; or a book, or an event, or a product, or something, that they wanted to promote but never had the budget for advertising. We were already trying to use our platform on Radio Today Johannesburg to uplift communities so we decided why not uplift businesses? Ka-ching!

A penny dropped: Communities need support but business drive the economy which helps support those communities. Radio Today Johannesburg is a well-respected community radio station that is committed to uplifting the communities in both Johannesburg, and South Africa, so they were quick to jump on-board with our proposal that we wanted to do more with the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show than just talk about the good life, good taste and doing good deeds, we wanted to make a difference where it mattered by putting our money where our mouth is because people need money to get the good things and support good causes.

Unfortunately we (or I!) didn’t have R100,000 just to giveaway, but Radio Today Johannesburg did, so they gave it to me. 🙂

(Note to self- must send Radio Today Johannesburg a little thank you note, or a big bottle of champagne!)

So here’s the deal, one of our media partners, WebWin.co.za, runs a competition site which is free to enter and you can win fabulous prizes. They also help small businesses promote themselves online by sponsoring prizes- and I mean glamorous prizes like cars, holidays and R1,000,000 giveaways (Okay, those aren’t really small prizes from small businesses) but they agreed to help us spread the word that we’re giving away R100,000 free advertising on Radio Today Johannesburg.

There are 3 exciting ways to enter. Here’s how it works:

1: Enter on WebWin.co.za. Just click ‘ENTER’ and fill in your details.

2: Enter on Edward.ChamberlainBell.com. Just comment below why your company deserves to win.

3: Win a wildcard interview through Facebook and Twitter by following, liking, re-tweeting and sharing us.

The more you enter, the better your chances of winning!

1st Prize: R35,000 sponsorship opportunity!

An exclusive opportunity to be branded as the official sponsor of the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show for a month.

It usually sounds like this, “Want to know what to eat, where to go & who to know? Then tune into the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show on Radio Today Johannesburg!”

But now it’s going to include, “The Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show is proudly brought to you by (YOUR COMPANY)!

This generous prize includes having your company mentioned on both the opening and closing billboards, PLUS up to 4 advertisement spots on the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show, PLUS another sixty (60) 30 second branded promos throughout the month on the Radio Today Johannesburg schedule.

Want more? It also includes a 20 minute interview worth R14,000 with me, myself & I- and one of my fantastic five co-hosts.

PS: If you don’t already have a pre-recorded advertisement in MP3 format I will record one for you.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Prizes: Radio Interviews Worth R15,000 Each!

These are five additional prizes worth R15,000 each in the form of a 20 minute interview on the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show. It’s an opportunity to share your business with our listeners for 20 minutes. Andy Warhol once said that everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame, I’m going to give you twenty minutes on my show!

NB: The only criteria is that it doesn’t sound advertorial and that it is of interest to our listeners.

How easy is it to win?

1: Enter here at WebWin.co.za for an instant entry.

2: Motivating your entry in the comments section below gives you an additional entry.

Don’t want to share your contact details or don’t have the time to click ‘n comment?

We have 20 X R3,500 wildcard entries through our social media sites.

Win one of 20 wildcard entries!

Step 1: Follow @WebWin, @Radio2Day and @thewordofed on Twitter.

Step 2: Share the following tweet:

RT Win R100,000 on #EdwardChamberlain-Bell Show @Radio2Day @WebWin @thewordofed (and #hashtag your company name or website).

And / Or Like & Share the competition link from WebWin.co.za, Radio Today Johannesburg & Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Facebook.

A wildcard entry could win you a five minute, or longer, telephonic interview (worth R3,500) on the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show.

It’s that simple- and you can enter as many times as you like!

Entry Closes on 31 March 2014.

Winners will be contacted by 7 April 2014.

The rules are simple:

Anyone can enter except people related or involved in the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show, Radio Today Johannesburg or WebWin.

Winners will be chosen at the discretion of the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show team and the WebWin team.

Big businesses can enter, little businesses can enter. Politicians cannot enter.

Some suggestions for a winning entry:

Be readily available to Johannesburg listeners as they are our biggest audience.

Be available to our South African & Southern African audiences as they will be interested.

If you don’t have a physical shop- at least offer online shopping for our listener’s convenience.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to be a winner, but we still like what you have to offer, we might still contact you for an interview at a later date.

Additionally, you are welcome to contact us through our Contact page for further information regarding advertising rates, promotional opportunities, product reviews, guest blogging, potential interviews or just to say, “Hi!”

For more information, please contact us at info @ chamberlainbell . com.

Good luck!

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