$1,000 Candy Coated Easter Races

$1,000 Candy Coated Easter Races

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell


Americans love Easter candy so much that national retailers are doubling their floor space to meet their demand for Easter treats. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Americans ate 7 billion pounds of candy last year; including 700 million marshmallows, 12 pounds of chocolate per person and enough jellybeans to circle the globe. That’s a lot of candy! Horse racing enthusiasts might have all the great races but they also deserve a holiday that includes candy and celebration. You wouldn’t normally associate horses with Easter because that belongs to the Easter bunny’s turf, Christmas is on  Santa’s side of the tracks and Valentine’s Day is only found in Cupid’s stable. The only problem with celebrating horse racing with candy is that candy is really bad for you; and horse racing is notoriously disciplined when it comes to maintaining an ideal racing weight through training and a diet that borders on diuretics and deprivation.We’re not going to sugarcoat it for you but candy can be the worst handicapper in horse racing. Easter candy and horse racing just don’t mix when you’re trying to keep your weight down, in order to maintain the competitive edge in high stakes racing, which is why we think Digiturf.com has cottoned onto a great idea by offering the online horse racing community an Easter eggs-travaganza worth $1,000.Digiturf.com virtually reinvented horse racing ten years ago by simulating horse racing through an online gaming experience that could be viewed through their patented 3D RaceViewer. Now Digiturf.com is reinventing Easter, for horse lovers and chocolate lovers alike, by introducing a sugar free alternative to Easter candy and cavities with the $1,000 Candy Coated Easter Races.The Candy Coated Easter Races deliver exactly what they promise; they’re the stickiest, sweetest horse races with more calories per sponsorship than any candy bar and more excitement than any hunt for Easter eggs. Digiturf.com’s Race Programmer has sugarcoated four daily division races with $50 and $75 crunchy, caramelized cash sponsorships that just melt in your mouth and drop straight to your hips (assuming you keep your wallet in your back pocket) before rushing your horses straight into the Winner’s Circle!

So how does it work? Digiturf.com created an online virtual horse racing community where you are a horse owner who must compete against other online stables through virtual horse races, you can also buy and sell horses but you must master the skill of training your horses to race at their most competitive level. Digiturf.com’s Candy Coated Easter Races are fun races over the Easter weekend sponsored with $1,000 cash.

Okay, we agree that it takes a lot to rival anything covered in chocolate, but virtual horse racing is a pretty sweet deal considering your Easter horse at Digiturf.com comes free and you could win $1,000- which buys a lot of chocolate!

(Originally published on ESPN.com)

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