Energy-infused skincare by Yung Skin

YungSkin Energy Infused Skincare JoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Albert Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

The yogic word for energy is prana. It is also called Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These energies are equally powerful when operating in balance but can wreak havoc when your energy is imbalanced. Embrace the power of quantum energy by stimulating the facelifting properties of acupuncture points of your face and body with Yung Skin.

YungSkin Energy Infused Skincare JoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Yung Skin was created and developed by renowned Cape Town-based Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Reflexologist, the late Dr Philip Sherwin. Western science may not understand how acupuncture works but that’s not to say that it doesn’t work. I’ve experienced great relief when consulting acupuncturists for gym injuries, general malaise, and even a few acupunctural facelifts. They work when western medicine can’t.

I’ve been using Yung Skin for several years. Initially, when I received a few products through a press drop and eventually when I started buying it for myself. The texture and fragrance are light but the results are profound. My features appeared more defined and my skin felt plump and moist. It was a pleasant change from my skin feeling dry or lacklustre. I was especially impressed that the day and night creams carried me through changing seasons. My skin glowed!

Your skin doesn’t need aggressive products to address your skincare concerns, it needs an energy-infused range to balance your energy at a cellular level.

Bonus points to Yung Skin for being vegan friendly and only using recyclable packaging.

You are welcome to be sceptical but tell me if you disagree after having tried it first.

Visit www.yungskin.com.

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