Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

If you don’t want to be a millionaire it’s probably because you’d rather be a billionaire instead – and we respect that!

The only problem with becoming a millionaire is that you have to work for it; unless of course you marry money, divorce money or inherit money, but for the average person, the only alternative is to work for it. There’s not much that can be said for hard work that really excites us because hard work is usually the antithesis of having fun. The ideal situation, short of marriage, divorce or death, is having fun and making money in the process.

If you love horse racing then you will already know that millions of dollars can be won racing horses competitively. Horses also make great pets because they enjoy human companionship and you can race them against each other without them barking their heads off for no reason. Unfortunately, a healthy horse can produce maddening amounts of manure every day and you’re also going to need a strong stomach to cope with the copious bales of urine soaked straw every day. On the upside, you could also diversify your interests into composting and manure.

Alternatively, you could indulge your interest in horse racing, without getting your hands dirty, online at Digiturf.com, where trainers claim they have the pleasure of training and racing their horses without the odious task of playing chambermaid to a 1,000 pound beast. No two virtual horses are alike, and Digiturf.com has 100,000 of them, you can train them over different tracks, tack them, geld them and race them. It seems like they even enjoy an occasional vitamin shot!

Chrisman (his stable name) is just one person who’s just taken his virtual racing success to a whole new level racing virtual horses as he’s just become Digiturf.com’s latest top earning trainer amassing over one million in virtual prize money – and he didn’t even have to clean a stable or leave his computer to do it. He just signed up for his free horse, designed his silks, trained his horses and literally raced them for every dollar that they were worth. Admittedly, it wasn’t easy because Digiturf.com is a skill-based game that requires a sound strategy based on experience but no one is going to lie to you about how much fun it is!

An interesting fact about Chrisman, besides being a virtual millionaire, which makes him the second 2nd highest earning trainer of all time in the virtual horse racing community, is that he’s one of only five trainers to have been awarded “Legendary” status on Digiturf.com’sleaderboards. The secret to his success is that he’s as excited about horse racing as he is about racing his virtual horse races. His horses have also racked up 53,245 virtual miles onDigiturf.com – enough to have raced them around the world twice!

And to think this millionaire’s journey began with a free horse, and yours can too at Digiturf.com.

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