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Whoever said that you can never be too rich or too think certainly hit the nail on the head, but going beyond the superficial glibness of that statement, obesity is reaching epidemic proportion in South Africa. Who better that Kobus Steyn from Weight Loss Warrior to advise us how to lose weight healthily.

I interviewed him on the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show at Radio Today Johannesburg, but if you missed it, or want more information, I also found he had enough time for a quick Q&A.

What is your approach to fitness & fat loss?
Well it is about making choices in life. Do I want to enjoy life at its utmost. If your answer is yes then you can do something about it. If you look in the mirror and not happy with what you see, then you know your next option is to look at your fitness and weight. It is about doing something about it and not just all talk.

How does one know if they’re overweight & when they need to lose weight?
Again when you are feeling unfit and unhappy these are the first signs. You can always have assessments done by fitness professionals. Approach your doctor if you are not sure.

What should one not do to lose weight?
The biggest thing at the moment is people following very strict unhealthy diets and starving themselves and that is wrong. Because you will have big muscle loss (atrophy) and this is detrimental to weight loss because you need muscle to lose fat.

What should one look for in a personal trainer?
> Well in my opinion appearance need well looked after girl or guy with a need appearance is always something to look out for.
> During your session no cell phones from your personal trainer while you are training this is important because it is your time with your trainer and not everybody elses.
> See if you and your trainer do connect personality wise and make sure he is informative and you and he knows what he is doing.

What are the advantages of using a personal trainer?
> A personal trainer helps you with your form and technique.
> It is also somebody to talk to during your training and can give you fitness and dietary advice.
> Somebody to push you further than you would push yourself.
> Keeps you training regularly because you know there is somebody waiting for you.
> Also somebody to share your new lifestyle and fitness experiences.

Explain the process from consultation through to a session with you:
> Introduction: always with a friendly smile and happy to see you
> Set at ease: Explain the process of your training for the day and muscle group you’re going to target.
> Then we start with a dynamic warm up which warms up the full kinetic chain.
> And then starting with the training being informative on the training and techniques of your exercises.
> Then a cool down that involves static stretching.

Suggestions if one can’t afford a personal trainer?
> Follow all the instructions on the machines very carefully
> Read up on training and use media and internet to make sure you are doing the exercises correct.
> Don’t try exercises you do not know.
> Don’t go heavy or trying to impress anybody.
> Ask your local fitness professional for advice and or ask the personal trainer in your gym for a few sessions not ongoing just so you can get into your training.

Are exercise DVDs a safe alternative to use at home?
Very debatable subject since there is nobody to correct your form and very seldom have I found anybody keeping up to this type of training.

Your best exercise tips to lose weight?
It is mostly important to keep your heart rate up between 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate and keep it there as long as you can. Because during this time you are burning most calories. So this will involve endurance, strength, explosive exercises like plyometrics and combining them all. That is why you need a personal trainer.

Your best exercise diet tips to lose weight?
Big breakfast very important to control your insulin levels during the day so this is your foundation for day. Watch your portions. Smaller meals during the day try and stay clear of complex carbs.

Kobus can be contacted directly at weightlosswarrior.co.za

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Image courtesy of Weight Loss Warrior.

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