Six Ways to Weather a Weighty Winter by Guest Blogger: Karen Visser forShift ONE!

Let’s just put it out there. When it comes to looking your best, winter sucks! And if the rain pounding outside and your latest book purchase aren’t enough to keep you inside, the three hundred Instagram photos of hot chocolate and the Facebook updates of crackling fires and movies will. I like to blame it on our need to have a little extra layer to fight the cold, but this year I decided enough was enough.

So, donned in my gym gear, I left the house to prove winter wrong…and headed to my local coffee shop to write this article.

· Exercise
This should go without saying, but I need to put it in anyway. Get up and do some exercise! Now I don’t expect you to swim in the freezing Atlantic for two hours, all you need to do is make an effort to build up a sweat every couple of days. Why not join WalkForLife (http://www.walk4life.info/), buy a rebounder (a mini trampoline) which you can use from the comfort of your living room (http://www.reboundsa.co.za/) or check out your local squash league. Whatever is fun for you, that is the key.

· Look Inside
Make time for some introspection. If you’re anything like me, you would love to know why those sneaky kilos are finding their way onto your scale. Keep a diary, or get to work ten minutes early so you can sit in the car and prepare for the day. I found that hypnotherapy really helped me figure out why I viewed food and a healthy lifestyle the way I did and replace the incorrect thinking with a better attitude.

· Don’t stop Eating
I’d like to replace the normal rhyme of an apple a day with this: An Apple a Day is great if it is replacing an unhealthy snack. Watch what you’re eating. If you just read “Be hungry”, I want you to go back and read it again. If you’re hungry – eat! But eat the right stuff. Pop me a mail if you’d like some help or dieting advice. (emma@graspp.co.za)

· Get Lots of Sleep
I know you like to make the most of your weekend or day off, but remember that they are there for you to relax! Make sure you are getting enough rest as you are far more likely to crave sugar and miss your workout if you are tired. You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep night and I would add a nap over the weekend if you have a stressful lifestyle.

· Keep Accountable
It’s much harder to load up on treats at your monthly shop if you know you’ll have to tell someone about it the next day. Start a WhatsApp group with a few girlfriends or commit to telling your partner when you eat unhealthily or skip your workout for more than two days. If you’d like to be a bit more removed from the person, book a few sessions with a life coach. Pop me a mail to discuss this further (emma@graspp.co.za).

· Take your Vitamins
There is a definite correlation between lacking vitamins and trying to replace them by eating more food. Extra vitamins in winter will have the added benefit of fighting off colds and ensuring a healthy skin. Find a nutritionist in your area to make sure you’re taking the right vitamins for your lifestyle.

Of course, the best thing would be to do all these things on a consistent basis. If change scares you, try making just one change and only add another when you’ve got that one waxed.
Email me (emma@graspp.co.za) and I’ll send you some more information on our GRASPP weight loss program. We include all of these components because we don’t want you to be a repeat customer!

And don’t blame me if you end up spending a fortune on a new wardrobe for the healthy, sexy, slim and trim you!

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