Website Design

The first step for any company would be to create a website so that your customers can find you online. It’s a natural progression in your marketing strategy that sounds fun until you discover that it’s not the exciting creative process that you envisioned but a technical development that you don’t understand.Website design is a whole new language involving HTML, CSS, HTTP, RSS and SEO. It is complicated but we can simplify it for you so that you can launch your website online effortlessly and efficiently. We’re going to create your website with your company colours including any visual and editorial materials you supply. We’ll research the optimum SEO keywords and incorporate them into your website. Upon your approval, we’ll even upload and host your website.

The visual appeal of your website is important to convey a professional image but your editorial content and search engine optimisation (SEO) are equally important for search engines to find your website online. You can save money on visual design by using a website template but more importantly remember to budget for search engine optimisation, PPC online advertising and social media marketing. If your goal is to establish your online profile to attract new business. If you want an affordable website with a polished design that reflects your company’s identity, highlighting your products and services with your contact details then we can get you online with a minimum of delay.

Edward Chamberlain-Bell designed my website- I am thrilled with it. He is highly competent, most efficient, and always available to discuss ideas, changes and offer advice. He takes pride in everything he does offering website design, hosting, digital marketing and social media management. I highly recommend him!


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Web Design

A great website is the foundation of all your online marketing efforts. It should be responsive for online & mobile browsing, and convert visitors into customers. Now get ready to convert!

SEO Optimisation

An SEO optimised website pops out of the one billion other websites on the internet. Google likes websites that pop with good SEO. If Google likes it, we like it. We never endorse black hat SEO.

Google Adwords

Google accounts for 80% of online searches. Results are targeted for users so any Adwords campaign can deliver powerful leads. We can control the targetting, delivery & budgets.

Social Media

Social media marketing is not conventional advertising but can promote your brand online. It's not free so always consider which social networks can grown your business.

Content Marketing

Don't just offer your visitors a sales pitch, offer them an experience that they will want to share online with their social networks. Make it effortless by adding an obvious share widget!

Integrate It All!

All of the above are excellent online marketing strategies but when they're integrated you are marketing on steroids. Integration also requires less time spreading the word online.
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