The restaurant that doesn't even have a menu because they don't need one at @VillaCastollini


Self-praise is no praise I know but I pulled off a wonderful surprise for my co-host Barbara Gillman at Radio Today Johannesburg by inviting her favourite getaway Villa Castollini onto the show. Now if Barbara could surprise me by getting Madonna onto the show I’d consider it quits.

What makes the five-star Villa Castollini unique is that they don’t have a menu!

Actually they have lots of menu ideas hidden in the kitchen but they prefer to cater to your specific needs first so they will ask you what would you prefer to eat when you make your booking. If you want an elegant plate of boerewors & pap for dinner followed by a simple gold dusted cupcake, just say the word and it’s done. Villa Castollini has a reputation for fine dinning so they will find a way to add an element of finesse to all your meals.

For more information visit www.castollini.co.za.

Image courtesy of www.castollini.co.za

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