Valentine’s Goes Digital at Digiturf.com


Digiturf.com has put a fun digital twist on Valentine’s Day. They realize that Valentine’s Day has become an extortionate moneymaking opportunity, which obliges people to spend money they can’t afford, to prove to the one person who married them for richer or poorer, that they still love them.

Real love doesn’t require expensive gifts, public displays of affection and it certainly doesn’t need to be put down in writing on an overpriced card. Mature love is about acceptance, compromise and sometimes making generous allowances- and that’s exactly what Digiturf.com has done.

In a cheeky twist of virtual horse racing humour, Digiturf.com’s Race Programmer scheduled a slew of sponsored Valentine’s Day races. The irony being that they were all Allowance Races. These races cater for all the horses that have won some of their races but probably lost a lot more. These races are for the horse that got away but didn’t go all the way… if you know what we mean.

These are good horses that deserve a second chance in love, life and races. These are horses that probably make you feel a bit nostalgic about some of the ones you let get away. Or worse, the ones that made a conscious decision to let you go!

Ultimately, everyone deserves a second chance, and Digiturf.com’s Valentine’s Day Allowance Races provides just that for everyone who has ever lost in love or racing. Those races are worth more than $2,200.00 (U.S.)and in the spirit of romance Digiturf.com is giving free horses to everyone who draws the 14th gate in their Valentine’s Day races. If you join Digiturf.com before Valentine’s Day you even get a free horse. Now that sounds like a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone, because nothing says, “I love you!” better than a horse named in your honour.

Digiturf.com is also playing matchmaker; if you’re not sure where your horses like to race you can check their playful guide which determines if you are a Grade 1 lover, a Grade 2 lover- or worse, a Grade 3 lover. It doesn’t matter what kind of lover you are because this Valentine’s Day you know you’re at least getting some time in the saddle (free!) at Digiturf.com


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