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My idea of the ultimate braai is to let someone else do the braaing, which is why watching Ultimate Braai Master is almost like watching porn for me. I love the taste of a braai but personally I’d rather take a salad and watch everyone else chop wood, light fires and burn the meat.

Ultimate Braai Master is a proudly South African cooking show that features our diverse culture, the beauty of our country and elevates the common tjop en dop to a gourmet treat. It also overcomes an incredible PR hurdle to showcase all South Africans united in friendship around a fire and cooking food together. While political parties and the media will incite each other over racial and economic issues; the Ultimate Braai Master proves that before we start pointing out the differences between blacks, whites, coloureds, and whoever else calls South Africa their home, we South Africans are a nation that respects our diversity but have also bonded through food, fire and friendship.

Justin Bonello, producer and presenter of Ultimate Braai Master, really pulled a rabbit out of the hat when he produced the first season of UBM, and raised the stakes even higher in the second and third seasons but he says it’s time for people to get their game on for the fourth season. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing two teams from the second season, Team Spectacular and Sumting Fresh, who both agreed that being an armchair critic is easy until you’ve actually competed in Ultinate Braai Master.

If you are thinking of entering the fourth season of Ultimate Braai Master, here are some audition day tips to stand out from the crowd from none other than Justin himself:

#1 Be original, daring and ensure you show off your creativity and cooking skills. A stuffed fillet and braaied fruit dipped in chocolate is not going to impress Justin or what the the judges are looking for.

#2 Be prepared: There are no cleaning facilities on the day of the auditions but you will be judged on your preparation and clean up. Hygiene and food are like meat and spice, the one is no good without the other.

#3 There are no power points available on the day. Pretty much the same as you would experience on the road trip. So keep that in mind when preparing your menu. It is about braaing after all!

The deadline to enter is 21 February 2014. Enter here to become the next www.ultimatebraaimaster.com.

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