Uber introduces Phone Number Anonymization to protect your privacy! @Uber

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Uber has introduced a new feature to maintain their commitment to safety and reliability by making some positive changes to the rider and driver connection process. It’s called Phone Number Anonymization!

Phone Number Anonymization is a service that hides you and your driver’s real cell phone numbers. Safety is paramount to Uber as they are committed to being the safest way to get around a city. Uber is constantly working on being the most accountable form of transportation, with GPS tracking of all rides, two-way feedback and round-the-clock customer service.

Phone number anonymization rolled out in South Africa on Wednesday 08 April 2015. Currently Uber has phone anonymization in 13 countries around the world, with many more markets following soon. Drivers will ALWAYS see the same number for all riders- your actual number will not be visible to the driver.

If you or your driver attempt to call each other, Uber’s software will connect you just like normal, but you will no longer be able to SMS a driver and your driver will be unable to SMS you, voice calls only (standard rates apply). Shortly after a trip is complete, your driver will no longer be able to call you.

Phone number anonymization obscures driver and rider phone numbers. Drivers are assigned a single, unique number that they call when they need to reach out to the rider. This way, both riders and drivers will be unable to store personal cell phone numbers.

You’ll only be contactable by your driver between the time you request your trip, and shortly after the trip ends using the Phone Number Anonymization number.

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