The World Championships Are Online At

The World Championships Are Online At

Horse racing enthusiasts are connecting online to enjoy the 2010 World Championships in the unlikeliest of places. Not at the track, but online!

It may seem out of character but the conservative world of horse racing is embracing the modern evils of online technology to bring the sport of kings to the masses rather than the masses to the tracks, but we’re living in a modern world where unless news-makers deliver the news themselves then they’re not in the news.

Horse racing traditionally appeals to an older generation, but by embracing every media platform available through modern technology, it can expose a younger and more modern generation to the excitement of horse racing without alienating the traditional punter. Broadcasting horse racing championship through progressive media channels like ESPN, Youtube, iPhone and can only be good news for the sport.

Horse racing is one of the most prestigious sports in the world and worth millions in cash sponsorships and advertising revenues. Even though ‘baby boomers’ might prefer to view it from the stands there is generations X, Y & Z that expect to see their horses running to them online through the internet. needs no introduction as the leading sports entertainment company and is easily recognisable as the largest video-sharing community online and thanks to the latest iPhone application you can even have races televised into the palm of your hand, but possibly the unlikeliest place to find the horse racing championships is online at stands out amongst the crowd because instead of broadcasting live races they’ve created a unique horse racing simulation where everyone can train and race their own CGI horses against other players online. Their technology puts the average spectator firmly in the saddle of managing their own stable to become a trainer in their own right. It may sound complicated but reviewers say it’s easier than riding a horse!

Virtual horse racing at encourages all-round player involvement, from designing their own racing silks to deciding which horses to enter into their online championships. It may not offer the instant gratification of a ‘scratch & win’ card but openly admits that their game is one of skill and strategy, which appeals to horse racing enthusiasts and online gamers alike. Their online championships will capture the imagination of of spectators while the mental stimulation will enthrall horse racing aficionados for hours.

You won’t be playing against some slacker frat boys, you’ll be playing against some of the most avowed horse racing enthusiasts in the world who take their game seriously. They’ll expect nothing but the best from you too, so now is the perfect opportunity for you to prove to them (and yourself) that you have what it takes to race your own virtual thoroughbred against top trainers around the world.

It’s the kind of opportunity that finally allows everyone to experience the thrill of racing their own horses towards becoming a championship trainer. If you’ve read this far then you probably know you have the potential to become the next online horse racing champion; so get started by visiting… and get ready to race!

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