Corporate Climbers Scaling the Walls to Success with Finesse at The School of Etiquette!

School of Etiquette launches Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass.

The School of Etiquette has had requests from diplomats, students and leaders of African states to assist in creating future leaders – and first ladies.

Says Courtenay Carey, CEO of The South African School of Etiquette in Sandhurst, Johannesburg: “I just love my job as the attendees we get at our courses cannot be type-cast – each and every attendee is unique, which makes for interesting scenarios of ‘moulding’ people and helping them become the best in their field, whilst assisting them in becoming well-rounded, confident human beings.” She attests the courses in high demand for such personalities in the spotlight have been Dine like a Diplomat and Finishing School for Adults.

One of the many interesting groups attending seminars at the School of Etiquette has been a leading aviation company wanting to up their game by educating front-line staff to improve their customer services and acquire the skills of welcoming clients in a warm and sophisticated manner. Courtenay shared her image consulting skills by training staff in taking pride in their uniforms, assisting them in choosing the design suitable for each individual’s shape, a professional make-up course, over and above assisting the team to refine their brand at every point of contact with potential, new as well as existing customers. “If we look professional, we feel professional,” she says and the group executives report a tangible improvement in staff self-esteem and service, reflecting on their now fast increasing customer base. Finishing School for Adults with the added advantage of Image Consulting were the two courses incorporated in this particular training seminar.

Outshine the Competition has enjoyed enormous success with corporate professionals as well as newcomers in the world of business, whilst Success Principles and Dine Like a Diplomat have proved beneficial to attendees wanting to up the ante in their careers.

Accolades from recent attendees include:

“I am a Top 100 Companies businessman and had I attended seminars at The School of Etiquette at a younger age, I would have been a retired billionaire by age 39,” says a leading businessman who recently attended seminars offered by the School of Etiquette in Sandhurst, Johannesburg.

“My daughter wanted to attend seminars at The School of Etiquette as she’d seen an editorial on the school and felt her attending a course to refine her people skills further would assist her in her business career since she graduated from university,” says this prominent international business leader with his origins in Africa.

“I accompanied her to Johannesburg, South Africa, where we had also reserved accommodation at the French-inspired Le Chatelat Residence based at the School of Etiquette,” he continues.

He goes on by stating his daughter being so impressed with the course she was attending, she decided to prolong her visit by attending a further seminar: Adult Finishing School. This resulted in her father deciding to join her. “I particularly enjoyed the areas on social intelligence, Deportment, tea etiquette and cigar and cognac training,” he says.

“Every employee, employer, executive, diplomat and president should attend these seminars as they would benefit enormously. Our experience was the value of the seminars far outweighed the cost of attending the School of Etiquette’s courses,” he says.

A recent local seminar attendee at the School commented as follows: “When I decided to attend these seminars, my colleagues said it seemed ‘elitist’; well, my experience has proved them wrong as each and every one of our Rainbow Nation needs to acquire grace and to understand the fine art of protocol. Our dearly departed Madiba was an icon of good grace and etiquette, resulting in him not only being respected by royals as well as humble servants, but loved by all he came into contact with. We need to continue his legacy by teaching by example and this is a fine way to acquire these special skills to help us realise our dreams – in relationships as well as business.”

Says Fraser Carey, who heads up the Success Principles seminars at the School of Etiquette: “We plan our studies, we plan our careers, we plan our home, we plan our family; WHY are we not planning our lives and gearing up for success by honing good attitude and tenacity?”

Says Courtenay: “Shakespeare said, ‘All the world’s a stage…’ – and he was right as you are always on show and your soft skills define you. To have the self-confidence to know you are in control and doing the right thing gives you the power to showcase authenticity and refinement. Competitors may have the same technical knowledge; you can have that additional competitive edge, the ‘X’ factor, through your social skills.”

According to a study done by Dress for Success guru John Malloy, 99% of executives said that social skills were prerequisites for succeeding in business and social life.

Eating is not an executive skill… but it is especially hard to imagine why anyone negotiating a rise to the top would consider it possible to skip mastering these very simple requirements… what else did they skip? – Fortune 500 CEO


Courtenay attended the Protocol School of Washington to emerge as an International Protocol and Etiquette Consultant, followed by her completing a course at the New York School of Etiquette in Social Make-over and Personal Success.

Prior to this innovative US sojourn, Courtenay achieved a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PDE), plus an Online Marketing Short Course at UCT; she then coached as a Neuro-linguistics Practitioner.

Workshops and services offered by the School of Etiquette include:

14 in total: 8- Corporate; 4- Social; 2- Dining


Outshine the Competition

How to Succeed in the International Arena

Dine Like A Diplomat

Success and Peak Performance

Happiness in the Workplace

International Briefings

Protocol Officer

Preparing for Working World and Interviews


Finishing School for Adults

Finishing School for Teens

How to be a Gentleman

Image Consulting


The Art of Dining

Family or One-on-one Tutorials

Contact the South African School of Etiquette at: phone: 083 562 8226; fax 011 883 1676; email: info@etischool.co.za; www.etischool.co.za; Facebook: The School of Etiquette; Twitter: @schoolofetiquet; Le Châtelat, 60 Cleveland Rd, Sandhurst, Sandton (South Africa).

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