The Making of a Triple Crown Champion on Digiturf.com!

The Making of a Triple Crown Champion on Digiturf.com!

 Ripen wins the Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C!
Day 1: Ripen wins the Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C!

It is a virtually impossible accomplishment, but winning the Triple Crown Championship is not entirely impossible at Digiturf.com. Cmr Racing proved this to be true when his colt, Ripen, won the Triple Crown Sprint Championship, Triple Crown Classic Championship and the Triple Crown Stayers Championship over three consecutive days to become the world’s latest Triple Crown champion! 

Beauty fades, love will die and even chrome will lose its lustre, but a Triple Crown Championship title is forever. Even the most attentive horse racing fans can forget a championship winner, but a Triple Crown winner? Never! 

It has been such a long time that we saw a Triple Crown winner, both online or offline, that we’ve forgotten it was even possible. The last time Digiturf.com celebrated a Triple Crown was when Samster won her title on the back of Annies Dangerous was in 2003. It was a phenomenal accomplishment that left a community speechless as it elevated Samster from rookie to royalty. Winning a Triple Crown Championship wasn’t any easier thirty seasons ago. Horses were still raced at peak fitness, so to race competitively over three distances, with ideal goings, hopefully get a great jockey and still not flip was the virtual equivalent of lightning striking twice, and once more for good measure. 

Cmr Racing’s Triple Crown victory has injected some of the lost magic of bygone years back into the community. There was a certain pessimism that there could never be another Triple Crown winner because the standards have been raise so high, horses are only raced at full fitness and that jockeys determined the outcome of a race. We’ve come to believe that another Triple Crown winner was impossible because we’ve always been told it was impossible. There have been previous contenders but nobody has really believed they had a chance. The promise of another Triple, Crown winner gracing the tracks of Digiturf.com began to sound like an empty promise with a bitter aftertaste. Cmr Racing defied all the odds and brought a colt to bear testimony that anything is possible if you believe it can be. 

Even Cmr Racing was doubtful of his chances in the Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C as he expressed concerns that it was going to be a roadblock towards his Triple Crown victory. Fortunately, Ripen pulled through with less than a half length ahead of his closest opponent. The Triple Crown Classic Championship afforded him a 0.63 lead, but the second win automatically sparked serious speculation that he had it within him to take the stayers distance too. As everyone knows, Ripen tore across the track with a 1.10 lead in the Triple Crown Stayers Championship to become the second Triple Crown winner in the history of Digiturf.com. 

Unlike certain trainers in real-life horse racing who trash their competition when they lose, or gloat when they win, Cmr Racing displayed the true dignity of a winner be focusing the attention on Ripen, who he says did all the real work, and by applauding and thanking all the other trainers in Ripen’s races for their support and competition. A true gentleman in the sport of kings, Cmr Racing will be respected and remembered for his sportsmanship and his humble appreciation of the greatest triumph. 

The Triple Crown victory is also a reflection on the calibre of player who races virtual horses on Digiturf.com. There were so many messages of support from other trainers who wanted to see Ripen succeed ahead of their own horses if he could make virtual horse racing history. It takes an exceptionally selfless person to place someone else’s needs above their own, especially considering the stakes and the prestige associated with a Championship Series race. Fortunately, nobody gave Ripen an easy race for the finish line, that makes Ripen great, and the virtual horse racing community great. 

We have to applaud the community. Your support of Cmr Racing and Ripen winning the Triple Crown Championship is testament to the fact that true champions don’t need an award to be considered a champion; it’s in your actions and your deed. That makes everyone who supported Cmr Racing a champion in our books! 

Cmr Racing, the community salutes you and Ripen on an incredible victory. It was an exhilarating three days that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, but it was worth it to be able witness history being made! 

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 Ripen wins the Triple Crown Classic Championship 3Y C!
Day 2: Ripen wins the Triple Crown Classic Championship 3Y C!

Ripen wins the Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y C!
Day 3: Ripen wins the Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y C!

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