Tea for two with Her Majesteas Salon on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Edward Chamberlain-Bell chats to Dina de Vine about her gorgeous high tea parlour after reading about it in The Collector Magazine. The name and concept of Her Majesteas Salon (HMS for short) gorgeous high tea parlour was inspired by the longest reigning British monarch earth ever, her royal majesty, queen Victoria. Wittingly miss-spelt! Her Majesteas Salon pays tribute to the Victorians for popularising the art of taking tea. After all, as Empress of India, Victoria had access to all the tea in China, India and the world. You’ll find HMS at The Victorian Guest Lodge built circa 1864 at around the 27th year of Victoria’s 64-year reign. Come and discover first-hand why it all fits together as perfectly as a cup and saucer. http://www.victorianguestlodge.co.za

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