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Jamie Oliver’s South African Italian restaurant to launch in the latter part of the year #DineJoziStyle @Radio2Day

Jamie’s Italian restaurant coming to South Africa Chef and healthy food campaigner, Jamie Oliver, and Whisky Creek Brands are proud to announce that the first Jamie’s Italian restaurant will soon be launching in South Africa. Justin Divaris, Stephen Gersowsky and Symeon Yiallouris are the executive directors of Whisky Creek and will be the exclusive operating […]

Preview @FoodNetworkSA #foodie attractions to whet your appetite! #JoziFoodie #DinejoziStyle

Chopped New season premieres Wednesday 2 March at 19:00 CET (13×60’) Is there anything worse than facing the chop? Another batch of plucky contestants are summoning up the courage to take on the pressure-cooker environment of the Chopped kitchen, all for the goal of becoming the Chopped champion. The competitors are given the toughest of […]

Mugg & Bean arrives at Sun City @Mugg_and_Bean @SunCityResortSA

Mugg & Bean, a favourite South African restaurant brand has set roots down at Sun City. Renowned countrywide for its generous meals, giant sized muffins, bottomless coffees and speciality hot drinks, Mugg & Bean has opened at the Sun City Hotel. Ideally located in the hotel and casino’s “always on” zone, Mugg & Bean is accessible […]

@TablesAndThyme review #LonehillWaterfront #DineJoziStyle @Radio2Day

Lonehill finally have some establishments taking advantage of this gorgeous lake view. Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen, Let’s Meat, Let’s Deli and Let’s Brew have joined forces to create the new Lonehill Waterfront. Wooden decks and shady umbrellas are the place to spend a laid back, enjoyable day/night drinking craft beer and eating delicious food. Having been […]

Nocturnal Wenchy reviews Antonnio’s Italian Kitchen #DineJoziStyle @Radio2Day @NocturnalWenchy

I attended a media launch at the Lonehill Waterfront this past Saturday, but more excitedly the opportunity to interact with foodies invited by #DineJoziStyle, the brain child of Edward Chamberlain-Bell. Knowing the man, you know you are in for a treat. It’s all about style darling- and he has style to spare! Nocturnal Wenchy Tucked […]

#DineJoziStyle @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Come #DineJoziStyle @JoziStyle on Radio Today Johannesburg @Radio2Day What is #DineJoziStyle? #DineJoziStyle is a foodie meetup where select social media influencers are invited to review a restaurant on www.jozistyle.joburg and their personal social media platforms. The influencers (hopefully) get to enjoy a fabulous dining experience that they will share online, while the restaurant enjoys considerable […]

The Gardenia Boutique Hotel’s restaurant has the potential to become a destination of note for every discerning foodie in Johannesburg.

The Gardenia Boutique Hotel’s restaurant has the potential to become a destination of note for every discerning foodie in Johannesburg. It boasts an incredible team of chefs, strong management and offers excellent service that is nimble yet unobtrusive. The luxurious venue is conveniently tucked away in Craighall but feels like a countryside retreat- perfect for […]

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