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Win 10 tickets #WeDoWhisky #WhiskyJoziStyle #WhiskyLive2015 @JoziStyle @Radio2Day @whiskyliveSA

Come #WhiskyJoziStyle @JoziStyle on Radio Today Johannesburg @Radio2Day What is #WhiskyJoziStyle? #WhiskyJoziStyle is a whisky meetup where select bloggers are invited to review Whisky Live on www.jozistyle.joburg and their personal social media platforms. Why #WhiskyJoziStyle? Why not? #WhiskyJoziStyle creates exciting whisky tasting experience for whisky lovers, and creates considerable online exposure for writers and Whisky Live. […]

Review: Maslow’s Winter Wonderland feast is a feast indeed! #MaslowWW

The Maslow Hotel’s acclaimed Lacuna restaurant in Sandton is creating some foodie treats that will replace the winter chills with some gourmet thrills from Wednesday, July 1, until Friday, July 31. They’ve decorated their restaurant with a Christmas in July theme while Chef Jason Millar has created a special three-course meal for either lunches or […]

Win Design Thinking Conference 2015 tickets (worth R950) from JoziStyle!

The “Design Thinking Conference” taking place on the 11th June is aimed at CEO’s, MD’s and executives across a broad spectrum of the industry with the underlying them of doing things differently and being a disruptor within ones business sector in order to truly innovator a “leapfrog the competition. This includes all aspects from redefining […]

Sleepless nights giving you the blues? Try these natural remedies before self-medicating!

Ophthalmologist Dr. Rob Daniel joined us in the JoziStyle studio at Radio Today Johannesburg to discuss the importance of good sleep hygiene, the consequences of sleep deprivation to your health and dangers of taking medication. Anybody who has battled with insomnia will appreciate that that a good night’s sleep is worth more than gold. I’ve […]

Podcast: Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Laura McDermid, Helen Desbois @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Laura McDermid interview Helen Desbois about her career in show business and the work she is doing as the brand ambassador for Growing Champions. www.jozistyle.joburg JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: […]

Podcast: Dr. John Demartini in the @JoziStyle studio @Radio2day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Barbara Gillman & Heather Hook interview Charles Nel from Knead Bakery and Dr. John Demartini on in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg. Read more at www.JoziStyle.joburg JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio […]

Podcast: Sunday Times Hilary Biller @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell & Kate Goetz review the Ultimate Braai Master auditions; and they have their eyes on the launch of Stein City, the Blue Train, Fashion Week and a whole lot more of what’s happening in Jozi this month. Sunday Times Food Weekly editor, Hilary Biller also pops into studio to share highlights from her […]

Podcast: Edward Chamberlain-Bell’s Easter destinations @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell shares his favourite Easter destinations with JoziStylers. Visit www.jozistyle.joburg for more information. JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: www.1485.org.za and 1485.mobi. Radio Today! Radio that delivers!

Podcast: Edward Chamberlain-Bell & Barbara Gillman’s highlights @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell & Barbara Gillman review their highlights this week in Jozi on Radio Today Johannesburg and on www.jozistyle.joburg Joburg JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: www.1485.org.za and 1485.mobi. Radio Today! Radio that […]

Podcast: Alon Lits from Uber joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell @JoziStyle @Radio2Day

JOZI STYLE 18 APRIL 2015: Uber’s Alon Lits joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Kate Goetz, followed by Jonathan Phang. Edward Chamberlain-Bell interviews Uber’s managing director, Alon Lits, about their incredible growth in South Africa, Jonathan Phang shares his highlights from Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains 2 on DStv’s Travel Channel, and Kate Goetz shares her news about […]

The uber rise of Uber in South Africa according to Alon Lits.

Anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of being pulled aside by JMPD after a night of wining and dining will appreciate that Uber not only saves lives but they also deliver peace of mind faster than they can get you to your destination. Uber may not be as big as Google (yet!) but chances […]

Win Platinum Tickets valued at R3,000 to Brian Tracy and Friends Live in SA!

Win Platinum Tickets valued at R 3,000 to Brian Tracy and Friends Live in SA! Brian Tracy is coming to South Africa to guide you to start, build, manage and turn around your business to increase your sales and profitability in competitive markets. Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated with a fast-moving series […]

Jonathan Phang shares his recipes & pictures @JoziStyle @Radio2day @Jonathan_Phang @travelchannel #YUM!

Talk about scoring a culinary hat-trick with JoziStyle! We were invited to dine with Jonathan Phang on the Blue Train, we scored an interview with Jonathan Phang, and he shared his recipes with JoziStyle. Short of him cooking for us, we cannot imagine life getting better than that. These thirteen recipes are guaranteed to tempt […]

Highlights & lowlights on @JoziStyle this week- our most read blog posts & radio interviews @Radio2Day

Hello #JoziStylers! It has been a week of events and non-events for me at JoziStyle. Here are some of the highlights for our readers, listeners and also ourselves, so if you don’t have time to read JoziSyle.joburg from beginning to end, this summary will help you keep abreast of what is trending on JoziStyle. The […]

Podcast & Interview: Conflict resolution & relationship building with Dr. John Demartini @JoziStyle @Radio2Day @thewordofed @HeatherLHook

Dr. John Demartini joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Heather Hook & Barbara Gillman in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg. JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: www.1485.org.za and 1485.mobi. Radio Today! Radio that delivers! Transcription […]

Are South Africans getting the service they deserve? @Davenemeth tells you what to expect in 2015!

By Changing consumer attitudes by Dave Nemeth | @Davenemeth Are you getting the service that you deserve? Shoppers are no longer interested in store discounts when they can shop around online, pay for goods and services online and have everything delivered anywhere in the world. Having a credit card is no longer a privilege considering […]

Exclusive: Starting fires with the ultimate braai master himself: Justin Bonello! @UltimateBraai @Justin_Bonello

You have more chance of catching Justin Bonello on his successful television show Ultimate Braai Master than meeting him in person. He’s not evasive, just elusive, because his time between producing television shows, writing books and managing his own production company is scheduled months, if not years, in advance. One doesn’t simply just get Justin’s […]

10 Events for #JoziStylers to diarize for 2015 by Heather Hook

Events planner extraordinaire, Heather Hook, joins the JoziStyle team as a VIP co-host on Radio Today Johannesburg and blog contributor. We challenged her to highlight the top ten events happening in Johannesburg that everyone needs to diarize. Needless to say- we’re impressed! 1) The Neighbourgoods Market. Neighbourgoods takes place every Saturday, come rain or shine […]

Exclusive: Reza Mahammad shares his latest recipes with @JoziStyle

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell I had interviewed many people on radio before I interviewed Reza Mahammad but interviewing him was a defining moment in my career on-air that set the benchmark for future guests and opened doors to interview prominent personalities on my show at Radio Today Johannesburg. Until that day when I interviewed Reza I […]

Interview with Jill Manson about her journey into flowers by Kate Goetz @_jillmanson @Radio2Day

Kate Goetz and Barbara Gillman interview Jill Manson about her journey into flowers followed by an interesting interview with Peter Primrich about the best coffee spots in town! Kate Goetz interviews Jill Manson for JoziStyle You have an advertising background. You are clearly very creative – what made you change your career so dramatically and […]

Jozi Style raves about Chris Avant-Smith @Radio2Day

Chris Avant-Smith is a popular radio presenter on Radio Today Johannesburg where he hosts his own show called Rant and Rave. He’s charming, witty and just occasionally outspoken. The Jozi Style team caught up with him to find out what advice he has to share with anyone interested in pursuing a career on radio, and […]

Win Free Tickets (R2,700) to The Grand White Dinner Johannesburg with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on @Radio2Day.

  The Grand White Dinner in Johannesburg promises to become one of the most prestigious events of the year on the Jozi Social calendar. It’s going to be an extraordinary night picnicking together with friends and family under the stars—at a secret location that will only be revealed three hours before the event begins. In […]

Ndileka Mandela honours Nelson Mandela and his eldest son through the Thembekile Mandela Foundation.

  Nelson Mandela’s eldest grand-daughter, Ndileka Mandela, daughter of his first son, Thembekile Mandela, has proudly announced the launch of her newly-found foundation, the Thembekile Mandela Foundation. Thembekile was Nelson Mandela’s first son from his first wife, Evelyn. He died in a car accident while Nelson Mandela was in prison, and Ndikela was little over […]

Win R100,000 FREE advertising on Radio Today Johannesburg with the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show and WebWin!

Radio Today Johannesburg broadcasts nationally,as well as to 8 English speaking Southern African countries, on 1485am, DStv Audio Channel 869 and streaming audio at www.1485.org.za. Their listenership is in the A and B income groups (LSM 7-10) and consists of people commanding highly influential positions in society.[/caption] Six lucky winners will be share R100,000 free […]

Clico Boutique Hotel Celebrates Five Star, Fine Dining With Champagne!

I find it impossible to recommend any dish at Clico Boutique Hotel… because they change menus every single day! If you have heard of women who never wear the same outfit twice, well, Clico doesn’t serve the same dish twice. Clico isn’t just about fine dining but haute cuisine. While most restaurants rely upon their […]

Get your game on for Ultimate Braai Master @UltimateBraai (Season 4) Enter here

My idea of the ultimate braai is to let someone else do the braaing, which is why watching Ultimate Braai Master is almost like watching porn for me. I love the taste of a braai but personally I’d rather take a salad and watch everyone else chop wood, light fires and burn the meat. Ultimate […]

Discussing Beauty, Sleep & Mindfulness on Radio Today Johannesburg.

Want to learn how to sleep better, look better and feel better? Listen to this podcast because Edward Chamberlain-Bell speaks to three people who can help you improve these areas of your life. Did you know that good sleep means better health, longer life, higher productivity, and much more. Letitia Le Roux from Hastens shares […]

Ananda Vardhan's #HeavenlyMantra @freedmana1 Is Music To My Ears

I used to roll my eyes when radio DJs told us that we had to support local artists because local was supposedly lekker. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. But, something changed in the music industry as artists and record labels got their acts together and starting producing the kind of music that I didn’t just want to […]


Interviewed by Paola Chellew. By Edward Chamberlain-Bell What is your show “Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell” about? In one word: Destinations! It’s all about what to eat, where to go and who to know in Johannesburg and all around South Africa. I focus mainly on events and destinations in Johannesburg because we have over 30,000 […]

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