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School of Etiquette & Business Protocol in South Africa offering free information during the month of May!

During these difficult times and cultural differences in SA being in the spotlight, the only School of Etiquette & Business Protocol in South Africa is offering free information during the month of May! Courtenay Carey, CEO of The School of Etiquette is the only internationally accredited etiquette and protocol coach in Africa and based in […]

Why JoziStyle bought .joburg as a new domain from ChamberlainBell.com

South Africans are getting online with the new ZACity domains: .joburg, .capetown, and .durban! Buying these domains are serious marketing business because they enhance your SEO and Google page rank. It’s not a passing trend, it’s a serious business tool that markets your business online. You want to buy and own your business’s ZACity domain […]

Videos why you need the new gTLDs #Joburg #CapeTown #Durban South Africa for your blog or business!

Register your new gTLDs .Joburg, .CapeTown, and .Durban for R350 at ChamberlainBell.com. An example of how these domains could work for you is www.yourbusiness.joburg, www.yourbusiness.capetown or www.yourbusiness.durban Register your domain today! Domain Pricelist .co.za R100.00 .com R150.00 .joburg R350.00 .capetown R350.00 .durban R350.00 Additional TLDs available upon registration. If you would like any more information, […]

Interview: Not everybody likes Facebook, but they should according to Edward Chamberlain-Bell

I met Carla van Niekerk at a workshop I was presenting to journalists at Media24.com about how professional writers can use social media platforms to market their content, so it was huge honour when Carla asked if she could interview me about the future of social media in South Africa. Naturally, I said yes! Not […]

Website design is a new language of HTML5 responsiveness, CSS, HTTP, RSS, SEO- and being friends with Google!

The first step for any company would be to create a website so that your customers can find you online. It’s a natural progression in your marketing strategy that sounds fun until you discover that it’s not the exciting creative process that you envisioned but a technical development that you don’t understand. And you’re paying […]

ChamberlainBell.com Website Design 101: Make It look spectacular, Google friendly & affordable @Chamberlainbizz

Website design has become an added-value service that Chamberlain-Bell offers its clients. Here’s a portfolio of some of our clients’ websites. It wasn’t our intention to create websites but most of our clients who consulted us had terrible websites that were visually unappealing, didn’t use the correct keywords for SEO and weren’t configured to include […]

Three Websites To Inspire, And How To Attract New Business Through Digital Marketing by Edward Chamberlain-Bell

I am always excited at the prospect of creating a new website for my clients because each website presents its own unique challenges for me. I am primarily an online copywriter, who became involved in online marketing at the request of my clients who wanted me to manage their Google Adword campaigns. It’s always about […]

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