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Infographic: The State of Hunger in South Africa

The TV advert can be viewed online at www.youtube.com. For an insight into how the O&M JHB team brought the story to life from hundreds of the Afrika Tikkun children’s drawings, the behind-the-scenes story of hope can be viewed at www.youtube.com. Visit www.addhope.co.za.

Jonathan Phang shares his recipes & pictures @JoziStyle @Radio2day @Jonathan_Phang @travelchannel #YUM!

Talk about scoring a culinary hat-trick with JoziStyle! We were invited to dine with Jonathan Phang on the Blue Train, we scored an interview with Jonathan Phang, and he shared his recipes with JoziStyle. Short of him cooking for us, we cannot imagine life getting better than that. These thirteen recipes are guaranteed to tempt […]

Highlights & lowlights on @JoziStyle this week- our most read blog posts & radio interviews @Radio2Day

Hello #JoziStylers! It has been a week of events and non-events for me at JoziStyle. Here are some of the highlights for our readers, listeners and also ourselves, so if you don’t have time to read JoziSyle.joburg from beginning to end, this summary will help you keep abreast of what is trending on JoziStyle. The […]

Podcast & Interview: Conflict resolution & relationship building with Dr. John Demartini @JoziStyle @Radio2Day @thewordofed @HeatherLHook

Dr. John Demartini joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Heather Hook & Barbara Gillman in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg. JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: www.1485.org.za and 1485.mobi. Radio Today! Radio that delivers! Transcription […]

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Opal-Jazmine Dodkins discuss what the future holds for #JoziStylers

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Opal-Jazmine Dodkins discuss what the future holds for #JoziStylers, how to create positive changes in 2015- and why juicing is great for boosting your energy levels. www.jozistyle.joburg JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel […]

Are South Africans getting the service they deserve? @Davenemeth tells you what to expect in 2015!

By Changing consumer attitudes by Dave Nemeth | @Davenemeth Are you getting the service that you deserve? Shoppers are no longer interested in store discounts when they can shop around online, pay for goods and services online and have everything delivered anywhere in the world. Having a credit card is no longer a privilege considering […]

Learning the 5Ws of Social Media with Frankie Brooks from Roots SA @MsFrankieB @HeatherLHook

Learning the 5Ws of Social Media with Frankie Brooks from Roots SA. By Heather Hook | @HeatherLHook We couldn’t imagine living without social media because it has become an essential tool for connecting and communicating, but how many of us are using the right platforms wrong reasons? JoziStyle’s roving reporter Heather Hook interviewed Frankie Brooks […]

Exclusive: Starting fires with the ultimate braai master himself: Justin Bonello! @UltimateBraai @Justin_Bonello

You have more chance of catching Justin Bonello on his successful television show Ultimate Braai Master than meeting him in person. He’s not evasive, just elusive, because his time between producing television shows, writing books and managing his own production company is scheduled months, if not years, in advance. One doesn’t simply just get Justin’s […]

Interview with Jill Manson about her journey into flowers by Kate Goetz @_jillmanson @Radio2Day

Kate Goetz and Barbara Gillman interview Jill Manson about her journey into flowers followed by an interesting interview with Peter Primrich about the best coffee spots in town! Kate Goetz interviews Jill Manson for JoziStyle You have an advertising background. You are clearly very creative – what made you change your career so dramatically and […]

Own Your Industry with Douglas Kruger @douglaskruger @radio2day @jozistyle

There is no shortage of experts these days- there is inflation, hunger and possibly global warming, but there’s no shortage of experts. Thanks to the internet, and daytime talk shows, anyone calling themselves an expert is assumed to be an expert. If you read it on the internet then it must be true. Some self-proclaimed […]

@JoziStyle official media partners with 2014 Retirement & Investment Expo @retirementexpo @Chamberlainbizz @Radio2Day

JoziStyle is proud to confirm we are an official media partner with the 2014 Retirement & Investment Expo. The media partnership is in conjunction with Radio Today and ChamberlainBell.com. The 2014 Retirement & Investment Expo aims to empower all South Africans to take responsibility for their financial well-being through efficient investing and healthy living. The […]

Kate Goetz interviews Bernice Morrells from @MorrellsB

Kate Goetz discovers the unforgettably magical Morrells boutique venue and guesthouse, which encapsulates a pure and distinct escape of French Provençal appeal rejoicing an old school vintage allure. A visual and sensory indulgence of a bygone era. Bernice Morrell joins Kate in studio to share the secrets to her success. www.morrells.co.za There’s good taste, bad […]

Fall to fame, Rise to triumph for Gaynor Young @earearblog @thewordofed @radio2day

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Laura McDermid interview Gaynor Young about her fall to fame and rise to triumph, Kalim Rajad invites listeners to attend ‘Shared History – The Indian Experience in South Africa’, and finally Tracy Lipschitz shares her delicious soups ‘ stuff that will have you salivating for more! For further details, please visit: www.jozistyle.co.za […]

Discussing trends with Dave Nemeth & Secret Jozi Chef @Davenemeth @JoziChef

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Kate Goetz are discussing trends with Dave Nemeth Trend Forward on Radio Today Johannesburg 1485am / DStv 869- everything from using yellow as an accent colour to fifty shades of grey. Well, Kate brought up fifty shades of grey… www.linkedin.com/pub/dave-nemeth/17/848/8b7 The Secret Jozi Chef’s secret is not going to be a secret […]

Win R100,000 FREE advertising on Radio Today Johannesburg with the Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show and WebWin!

Radio Today Johannesburg broadcasts nationally,as well as to 8 English speaking Southern African countries, on 1485am, DStv Audio Channel 869 and streaming audio at www.1485.org.za. Their listenership is in the A and B income groups (LSM 7-10) and consists of people commanding highly influential positions in society.[/caption] Six lucky winners will be share R100,000 free […]

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